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Sunday, 29 July 2018

The One-Stop Online Shop for all your Beauty Buys

Today is a very exciting day! With lots of brand new in beauty bits thanks to Fragrance Direct, I have a lot I want to share with you! They very kindly allowed me to select a few of my favourite products and new in things I've been wanting to try out to share with you all. This hamper will hopefully give you an insight into how Fragrance Direct, sells a whole host of items from drugstore to high end, from haircare and skincare to makeup and electricals. It's not only fragrance they sell but in fact they can accommodate all your beauty needs!

With online shopping sales increasing and the sales from the high street seemingly doing the opposite, ordering online has become more popular than ever, and it doesn't stop at fashion. With Fragrance Direct you can satisfy all your beauty needs without leaving your house. For the busy Mum who struggles to find time, to the student seeking a bargain with 10% off through Unidays, or even for the boyfriend who likes to leave present buying until the last minute! Fragrance Direct offers different delivery options from standard, to next day, with Royal Mail tracking and they even ship overseas! So if you're keen to try out a product you can't get your hands on in your country, be sure to check out the list of countries they deliver to!

So moving onto my hamper and what I'm very excited to share with you and start trying out myself... As you may be able to tell below, I challenged myself to choose at least one item from every department outside of fragrance (perfumes/aftershaves). This was for two reasons, firstly I will be doing a separate blogpost with some of my favourite scents they have online along with a little DIY fragrance display next month so stay tuned for that! But secondly, I have also done this give you guys a glimpse into the wide array of products they have available to purchase online.


First of all, let's start with home fragrance. Candles and reed diffusers are things I've become obsessed with over the last year or two. Long gone are the days when if you receive a candle, you feel it's an easy opt out gift without much thought, whereas now, it's in fact the opposite! I have a full drawer of them ready to burn through excessively throughout Autumn and Winter especially! I love getting candles as gift and although I do question the strength of reed diffusers, I do think it's because you get used to them (and I still think they look pretty!). Also a little tip if you still have product left but you feel the reeds have dried out and no longer smell of anything, simply turn them around and boom!, you have your nice room scent back again. I switch mine every couple of weeks to keep them smelling fresh. With my interior decor taking more and more inspiration from the natural earthy materials and cream and tan aesthetic, I thought these few products not only looked the part, but had scents that I knew I loved. You can shop the Plum & Ashby Reed Diffuser here, the Plum & Ashby candle here, and the US Apothecary Candle here.


With so many skincare products to choose from on their website, I decided to challenge myself to choose just one. I thought which one skincare product do I feel I'd struggle to live without and for me that's a Miceller cleansing water to remove the bulk of my makeup. It's also a go-to when I'm too lazy for a full night time routine (i.e. after a late night), by soaking a couple of cotton pads with the Miceller water, it's fast and easy, and above all gentle and kind to your skin. It's the most effective method to makeup removal, and if any of you are still sticking to the old makeup wipes, trust me, ditch them now! I don't have a single makeup wipe in my house and I have found over the last couple of years of not using them and opting for Miceller water instead, the condition of my skin has drastically improved! Elemis is a brand I love and I always think it smells like I'm at a spa! So on this occasion I have chosen to try out this Elemis Smart Cleanse Miceller Water and so far so good!


When it comes to my beauty regime, one of the most frequently asked questions for me is for my haircare routine. 'Do I wear extensions?', 'how do I keep it healthy and long?', 'what products do I use?' etc... I'll be honest, I put it mostly down to luck of the genes, it's true some people have naturally stronger and thicker hair. However that's not to say it's in the perfect condition. With two washes a week, I make sure I use good quality products on my hair to help keep it long and as healthy as possible. I also use heat on it every time and therefore highlight the importance of starting with a good shampoo and conditioner. There is such a wide range of haircare products available on Fragrance Direct in order to suit your individual needs. My first port of call is a silver or purple shampoo in order to remove the brassy yellow tones. Matrix is a brand I was introduced to by a hairdresser years ago, and a brand that I have loved ever since. I do try out lots of different brands, however Matrix is an old-time favourite for me. They also have the oil wonders conditioner which helps keep my hair nourished and hydrated. 

// MAKEUP //

Within the beauty world, makeup would be my first love. I pinch myself every time I get offered a collaboration with a makeup brand I've loved for years. It's also an industry I've invested many hours of my life watching endless amounts of tutorials, and also invested a lot of my own money into. The best part, discovering 'holy grail' products that you know and love and that will continue to be within your makeup collection for many years to come. On this occasion I decided to pick out a couple of new products along with one of my said 'holy grail' items, the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. A trusty favourite of mine and one that I have re-purchased time and time again. However I've also heard great things about two MAC Cosmetics products that I have been trying and testing this last week or two. Firstly their Clear Brow Set Gel, and secondly their Lip Pencil in 'Subculture'. Both of which I have enjoyed using and ones that I can tell will last while! 


It's no secret that corkscrew curls made a re-appearance with their retro comeback this spring/summer. However I am yet to try out the trend myself but have wanted to for a long time! So finally I got my hands on this Babyliss Tight Curling Wand. The normal wide-barrelled curing tongs I have used for years in order to create my everyday beachy waves are also Babyliss. The brand is so affordable yet produces long-lasting items and mine are still in such great condition. So I knew I'd like the brand and I can't wait to try this wand out. If you want to see the final result, make sure you head to my Instagram page @freyafarrington1 and follow me on their for regular updates!

So that's it guys, I hope I have given you a little more insight into Fragrance Direct, their online store and what you're able to find there! For all your beauty needs, and for those who prefer to shop online, why not click here and shop their website yourself! Or you can follow them on Instagram for new released and regular updates. Stay tuned for my post with them next month and this time it will all be about fragrances with an affordable DIY thrown in there too! *This post has kindly been sponsored by Fragrance Direct however as always all thoughts and opinions are my own.