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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Guest Bedroom Makeover | Tidy & Transform

I feel like today has been long coming and I'm finally excited to reveal our newly updated and tidied guest bedroom! It's only a mini makeover as we are more than likely going to move house within the next year or two. Therefore we didn't want to invest too much into transforming the room and especially not with anything we can't take with us in future.

If you watched my House Tour, you will have seen that I'm really happy with the majority of our house and since that video, we have even transformed our little outdoor garden area which we have got so much use out of in this beautiful weather. However, the last room to complete was our guest room. With Tom's best friend having moved out we were left with a double bed and not much else. However, I'll be honest, there's a reason why that was the only thing left. The mattress was well past it's sell by date and I was embarrassed to have anyone over because of that. So the first step to transforming the spare room was to get a new mattress. The bed itself would not be my first choice but it does the job. Like I mentioned earlier, we don't really want to invest too much into transforming the room with us potentially moving out in the not too distant future. If we were staying, we may have considered putting in a seat sofa bed to best utilise the space or at least change the bed and headboard.

The mattress provider Leesa very kindly got in touch and offered to gift us a double mattress and it couldn't have come at a better time (p.s. it also gave me a little kick up the you know what in order to start the mini room makeover). The Universal Adaptive Feel technology within the Leesa mattress adapts to any body shape or size which makes it the perfect second bed that I shotgun when Tom is snoring a little too loud! ;) Made in the UK, the Leesa mattress uses three layers to deliver cooling bounce (thanks to its Cooling Avena Foam, pressure relieving memory foam and dense core support. I'm personally a side sleeper, but Tom likes to sleep on his back. Whether you sleep like either of those or even on your front, it's design suits all types of sleepers fulfilling the brand's ultimate goal; to help people sleep better. Coincidentally, both Tom and I suffer from a misaligned pelvic bone meaning that we sometimes suffer with back pain. Having a comfortable mattress helps ease and eliminate this pain. I've always believed it's worth investing in a good bed, after all, we spend a lot of our lives in it!

For everyday use, I have decided to dress it up more as a day bed/seating area that I can use if I want to just take some downtime and read a book (currently loving Sarah Knight but welcome any new thriller suggestions...) Storage is also a key part to this bed because if you lift it up, you have a lot of storage space for any spare bedding, Christmas decorations, wrapping paper or any other seasonal bits you don't need out all the time. What's more, with Leesa, they offer an amazing 100 night in-home trial backed by a no-hassle refund policy if you decide it's not for you. One last piece of amazingness, I have a voucher code which gets you a whopping £100 off your purchase which is simply ' FREYAFARRINGTON '.

I'd be very surprised if any couple who has a 2 bed apartment or house didn't use the spare room as a secondary wardrobe. Again for long term, we may have fitted full wardrobes (we love the PAX units from IKEA) but for now, we have 2 clothes rails that display *strategically my clothes (of course in colour order). I also like to keep my new in clothes that I may have been gifted to shoot hung up ready to select when next taking ootd pics! Lastly, I have a tub full of Depop clothes (search 'Freya Farrington' if you want to stay tuned and shop my wardrobe). When I purchase something new, I try to replace and recycle by donating or selling an item in place of the new addition. Therefore, if ever you see anything I post and can't get your hands on a new one yourself, always keep an eye out on my Depop as I'm really starting to invest more time over there!

Lastly, the final essential addition, along with swapping and changing out some of my prints and frames for my new Desenio ones (as seen in my House Tour) I wanted to add a full length mirror. Our only full length mirror was downstairs on route out of the house, so now we have one upstairs for when we are getting ready for an occasion or for new haul videos. It's so much easier having that there now, and I may be able to use that as more of a filming room for hauls now too! So that guys concludes my little mini room makeover. I will leave you with before and after photos now along with close ups of our new Leesa mattress (p.s. don't forget to use the amazing discount code ' FREYAFARRINGTON ' for £100 off!) and finally, links to shop some of my favourite home decor pieces in the bedroom! 

Lots of love
Freya x

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Leesa Mattress *Use code FREYAFARRINGTON for £100 off!


*This blog post has very kindly been sponsored by Leesa Sleep Limited but as always, all thoughts and opinions are of my own.