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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Where Are The Most Life-Affirming Places To Travel?

Where are the most life-affirming places to travel? This is a worthwhile question, because we are only allowed a certain amount of vacations in our lifetime. This is true even if we can take a new one every week. Quality must outdo quantity, and of course this will depend on what form of experience you cherish the most. However, there are some universally wonderful things you can experience if you would only take the chance to appreciate and take the risk of enjoying them.

These following suggestions might be much different to how you usually appreciate or expect a vacation to be, but the effort of trying to head to these foreign shores could gift you something you might not have known you needed.

Tibet - Mount Kailash

The pilgrimage of Mount Kailash is one of the most hauntingly beautiful places to visit in Tibet. Of course, Tibet is famous for its Buddhist population, and this place is perhaps one of the most well-known pilgrimage sites there. According to the best historical records and observances, pilgrims have been visiting this area for almost 16,000 years. The trek around this mountain is a 33-mile long affair, and so the expedition is absolutely something that will require some physical prowess.

This famed route is said to have the power to erase your sins over the course of your lifetime. No matter how much stock you place in those types of claims, it’s hard to ignore the cultural and experiential power that could come from meditative walking this retreat. Just be sure to pack good survival gear, plenty of food and wear solid footwear. Ideally, travel with a companion who can place as much respect and stock in the experience as you do.


There’s something about the cold that builds character. If you are willing and ready enough to experience this, heading up a mountain retreat in Edmonton using the Delta Hotels Edmonton South Conference Centre as your base can inform you of a wonderful experience. Life-affirming is often considered to be something you do to meditate, or to become awestruck at the world around you. We’d also suggest it has to do with having fun, and physically experiencing your environment in a euphoric way. For this, we’d recommend heading to one of the many ski resorts here and having a blast with your friends.

Kenyan Safari

African safaris are something that speak to us on a human level. Seeing the cradle of humanity and the pure creative power of nature in all of these wonderful animals is an excellent thing to behold, and can put you in a life-changing form of reflection. It’s easy to feel boxed in when living in the hive of human civilization, especially if you live in a mega city. Heading to the raw and most natural environments such as this can gift you that feeling of wonder once more. We’d recommend taking limited photographs, as sometimes experiencing this well while in front of you can be the most jaw-dropping and memorable experiences possible.

With these locations, you are sure to enjoy a wonderful and truly changing experience.