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Thursday, 12 April 2018

My Skincare Routine

My obsession with skincare only really started within the last couple of years. After constantly hearing that anti-age products should start being used from 25, I feel like now, I've really starting investing more time and money into good products and a regular skincare routine.


Let's go back to the start... Growing up even as young as from being a baby into my early years, I have quite sensitive skin. Occasionally I've experienced irritation and allergic reactions from certain products. For instance, bio detergents sometimes break my skin out into a rash, and heat rash can cause issues for me particularly when abroad. For this reason, I'm usually very cautious with what products to use. When reaching puberty, my oily skin resulted in breakouts notably across my forehead and chin area.

I also have always had large pores across my nose area so they can easily get clogged up if I don't exfoliate. Although I wouldn't say I suffered with severe acne, I would say I always had persistent spots that came and went all month long. Between the ages of around 12-16, my skin was probably at it's worst and a product that significantly helped me was a brand called AcneFree which we stocked up on from American Costco stores. I'm unsure whether you're able to get this in the UK but it's very similar to the ProActive three-step formula that is more accessible in the UK now.


Upon reaching adulthood, I wouldn't say my skin is in perfect condition, but whose is, right? In general, I'm happy with my skin. My problem area has certainly shifted from acne to more discolouration, and dullness. With makeup being my best friend, livening up dull looking skin is far easier than having to cover up acne, so for that reason I am very grateful. That's not to say I don't suffer with spots at all, I have the pesky few that come back and remind me when it's the time of the month. In addition to that, I still have large pores around my nose area that need a little extra care and attention but again, nothing that a pore minimising primer and BB cream or foundation can't cover.

Another thing I have noticed about my skin type over type, is the dreaded 'w' word...yes WRINKLES! I wouldn't go as far as saying I have lots of wrinkle at this stage, however I have noticed when not properly set with powder, that my base coverage can set in my forehead and mouth lines which is not an attractive look! Again, nothing a little extra powder can't deal with. All in all, I am fully aware that my oily/combination skin now needs that little extra love and attention in order to prevent and prolong the signs of the inevitable ageing.


Not only have I started investing more time and money into finding out what's best for my skin due to surpassing that '25' barrier, but I also have far more of an interest in it now. I've always loved the beauty industry and in particular the makeup side of things. But I have also been realising more that for a flawless makeup finish, it in fact start with a great base. By using the best oils and moisturisers for me, I feel like I'm not perfectly there, but not far off.


Every morning for me starts with a cleanse and splash of water. As I'm fortunate enough to work within this industry, I get gifted quite a few different varieties and I use this time to trial and test these different cleansers out. After cleansing and toning, I'll then apply a moisturiser (my current favourite is Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream. Sometimes I also combine my BB Cream or Foundation with a little facial oil. The one I have been loving is stocked in Holland and Barratt and is by The Beauty Kitchen. It has Seahorse plankton in it and smells incredibly fresh, plus, it feels very hydrating without being sticky too!


Once a week (sometimes twice) I will use an exfoliator. Typically I'll change it up and try out new ones I've been gifted, but the one I always seem to go back to is the Clarins Gentle refiner cream. I might do this mid-week then at the weekend, I usually treat my skin to a face mask. I'll choose the mask relative to how my skin has been feeling that week, but a great place to start if you're also wanting to try out various face masks, is Mask Time is a monthly subscription based service that allows you to receive a selection of sheet masks suited to your skin type and delivered straight to your door. There's two different subscriptions to choose from to suit your budget and all boxes are shipped out on the 28th of every month. I was very kindly gifted the Glow Setter March box and there are so many masks that I love the sound of and cannot wait to try out! If you want to see my live demos and reviews, then subscribe to my Youtube channel, click the notification bell and stay tuned for my Sunday weekly vlogs where you may see me ending my week with a face mask or two! Mask Time also have an online shop allowing you to browse their current face masks in stock if you like the sound of a few you want to select yourself. So if you want to check them out, click here to find out more or head here to follow them on Instagram!

*Disclaimer. This blogpost is in partnership with MaskTime but as always all thoughts and opinions are of my own.