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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Being Your Own Boss

One of my ultimate goals in live has always been to be my own boss. Having suffered with anxiety since a young age (officially diagnosed at 14) my most happy and comfortable place is generally when I am at home and relaxed. Events, jobs, travel are just a few amongst many other things that can bring on my anxiety. Even something seen to anyone else as insignificant as going to the shops for instance, has brought on stress. I could do a whole story time video on my Youtube Channel all about how I have had to deal with stress, depression and anxiety but that's not really today's focus. Today I'm taking about working for yourself and being your own boss. The idea of being my own boss for me personally is the most healthiest and happiest I feel with less pressure from others and in particular not letting others down. Therefore not only being my own boss but also pursuing my career as a full-time blogger and Youtuber, has given me the flexibility of doing something I love and right now, my motivation to work is at an all-time high. With a few things lined up and lots of creative ideas running around in my head, I felt inspired today to write a little post all about being my own boss and how this can be achieved by you too if that's what you're after.

|   S H O P  M Y  O U T F I T   |


First and foremost, you must realise what it is you enjoy and how this can be turned into a career. For me personally, I turned my love of fashion and beauty into a blog. This developed last year into the platform I personally enjoy spending the most of my time, and that's Youtube. Over various events where I've met many different bloggers, I was surprised to hear the different reasons why people initially start a blog and what they aim to achieve from it. Many, like myself, start blogging as a hobby and when worked at hard, creating quality content and regular updates, can sometimes be transformed into a platform that earns you money. This too could be a great topic to discuss in a full video on how bloggers and Youtubers make money if that's something you'd be interested in? However, many of the bloggers I have met have had different intentions. Some shy away from the Youtube platform and instead pursue a career as a full-time Instagram influencer. Some, however, blog and make videos in order to learn the creative side and gain experience with the different elements involved with Photography and Videography with the ultimate aim to move to being behind the camera one day. For those wanting to pursue a career within the fashion industry where it's renowned for it's competitiveness, starting a blog may be intentional for adding to their CV and discussing at interview stage. Even more competitively, starting up your own fashion line may be the ultimate goal. For those individuals, Sewport is a great place to start as they are a platform that connects brands with clothing manufacturers. Sewport may even be a great place for those wanting to create their own merchandise further down the line. I have even been asked myself if that's an avenue I'd look towards and Sewport would definitely be my first port of call. 


Finally the most important part about being your own boss is to remember to treat and reward yourself for the efforts you've made. It can be hard to say no to work or more likely, say yes to too much work and to find yourself exhausting all your efforts. I find when I have been away for instance, (yes I may be vlogging), but the break from my computer screen encourages my creative thinking and gets me motivated to get back to work when I arrive home. Therefore sometimes a break from your regular self-empolyed working life can be a good thing for your business! It's also important to learn that it's ok to take a day, week or month off every once in a while. After all if you were employed by a company with 25 days holiday, you would take every minute you had when out of the office to do the things you love and spend time with people you want to spend time with. In the industry I work in, I think it's important to have a little digital detox every once in a while. 

Being your own boss can be incredibly hard and not one for those who get bored easily or can get lazy with their efforts if they don't have someone watching over them. However if it's something you want enough, and you work hard and give it your best shot, it is achievable. Don't let the knock downs affect you. Get back up, learn from mistakes, and if you want it, go for it! 

*This blogpost has kindly been sponsored by Sewport. As always all opinions are my own.