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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2018

It's that time again whereby we take just one day out of the year to tell our Mother's we love them....WRONG! Every day we should make them feel loved and appreciated and thank them for everything they have provided and given us to make us the individuals we are today. And to all those who sadly don't have a mother in their lives, Mother's Day is an opportunity for reflection and sentimental contemplation. This year, I have been shopping online and spending hours on Pinterest for gift ideas to give your Mother this year, but above all the greatest gift I think you can give, is time. Whether it be one on one, an experience day or even set a date to meet sometime soon, gifting your mother with your time spent with her how she likes, is the greatest gift in my opinion. Nevertheless, if you're after some gift inspiration, here are some of my favourite gift ideas I've come across to spoil your mother rotten! 

Monday, 19 February 2018

An Update...

Hello beautiful people! I wanted to come on my blog and fill you all in with a few exciting things I have coming up. If you're yet to have seen, I now do weekly vlogs over on my Youtube Channel which I upload every Sunday morning. Not only have I been loving filming these videos for you guys but I also love editing them and using them as a chance to look back and reflect myself. Even if just one person watched my vlogs and liked them it would make doing them worthwhile and even if it's me as that one person I'd be fine with that but you guys seem to be loving them too which is a bonus. My point is, is that I tend to keep you fairly up to date with what's going on in my life in those videos but ultimately they are a week behind. So for now, here's a few things I was so excited to share with you...