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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

New In | January Monthly Favourites 2018

Happy hump day to all those celebrating the end of what always seems to be a very long month. Most people talk of the 'January Blues' however for me January marks both mine and my Mum's birthday as well as of course a brand new start to a brand new year. Plenty to celebrate in my eyes! So what's new this month...first and foremost let's talk me, my health and my new exercise regime. As with for many people, January marks a new beginning to a 'new year, new me' and also a new gym membership. I'm afraid to say I fell into the cliche this year myself. Towards the second half of last year, I decided to cancel my Pure Gym membership as I found myself enjoying a couple of outdoor runs every week. The fresh air and open space I found kept me more motivated to run rather than the content clock watching on a treadmill. However as it got colder and into this month, the thought of going for a run out in the cold is right at the back of my mind. In order to keep up with the regular exercise I decided to renew my membership and I'm so glad I have! 

I've also started horse riding again! If you read in my 2018 New Years Resolutions blog post you will have seen that this is something I wanted to start up again on a very casual once a month basis, purely for fun and exercise.  Although constant weight watching, measuring and obsessing over Macros I find a little unhealthy and above all not in my demeanour, I will say that I am the sort of person to guilt free over indulge over the festive period knowing that in the new year and on the countdown to summer, I do fluctuate by about 5-10 pounds in weight. I am aiming to eat healthier (still with the odd treat here or there) and exercise more for no reason other than feeling better in myself. It's become somewhat of an annual habit of mine. As much as I embrace the curves, I feel far better when they're tight and toned as opposed to wobbly  and uncomfortable. 

So that's my little health and well-being update, however whilst we were away in Barcelona, I also received a few new in beauty and lifestyle bits from various companies that I thought I could share with you. If blogger mail is something you're interested in seeing then you can see more of what I receive within my Youtube weekly vlogs which I upload every Sunday. Here are some of the bits I'm most excited to try and if you want to see more in depth reviews of anything, just let me know!

Much love

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Friday's Project (a brand I discovered in Barcelona)