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Sunday, 7 January 2018

My New Year's Resolutions and Goals for 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous time over the festive period and overindulged as much as I certainly did! I know it's coming to you a little later than I'd hoped but I thought I would give you a little insight into my plans and goals for 2018 and sum up the kind of year I've had throughout 2017.

2017 Reflection

First and foremost, my biggest change that happened was of course starting up my very own Youtube Channel! It's by far the best decision I've made so far, I've found more brands that I love have chosen to work with me and I've had the chance to even meet and few Youtubers who I've watched for years! I only hope my channel will of course continue to grow throughout 2018 as it's my biggest passion. Growing up through school and even university, I wasn't the best academically, I wasn't the best at sport and never really knew what I wanted to do until I discovered Youtube around 7 years ago. Being a big fan myself, and having been blogging for two years, I celebrated the 2 year milestone with expansion onto my personal favourite social media platform. I cannot believe since May, I've grown a following of almost 5 figures! I have mentioned it before, but when I hit that amazing 10,000 milestone I'll be thanking you all with a massive giveaway! 

It's not all been highs this year, having only ever attended one funeral before, myself and Tom have attended 6 funerals between us this year and have certainly done our fair share of grieving. I've experience love and loss, highs and lows, but above all I can safely say right now and heading into 2018, I'm happy. SHouldn't that be everyone's biggest achievement in life? I also want to say a big thank you to each and every single person that has supported my platforms over the years and I cannot wait to produce more and hopefully even better content for you moving forward. 

What I Did over Christmas and New Year

I have started weekly vlogging as I'm sure you may have seen me mention before. So with the first vlog having gone live the very same day that I write this blog post, I'll let you see for yourself what I got up to this year over the festive period. 

I have also uploaded a 'What I got for Christmas' video for those of you who like me love watching these videos. I was very lucky and received some amazing presents with my main new addition and best friend, my Canon G7X Mark ii vlogging camera!

My Goals for 2018

So what does the new Year hold for Freya... I have lots of things I'd like to achieve in 2018. Every year, the fresh start gets my creative juices flowing and I get so excited for the year ahead and to see what's to come. I do like to set 'New Years Resolutions' but rather than add pressure to myself, they're usually more personal things that I'd love to achieve and do. For instance, my main focus and attention this year will be to continue growing my Youtube and Blog. It's my biggest passion, my favourite hobby and fast becoming my career which I never thought would be the case when I first started. Granted, the market is a little saturated right now with lots of other doing the same thing but I see every newcomer as healthy competition. In fact I wouldn't even class other Youtubers and Bloggers as competition but as friends who inspire me. I love the personal level you feel when watching your favourite Youtubers, I'd even go as far as saying I may be obsessed? I absolutely love nothing more than a chilled evening in by the fire with a box of chocolate or soaking myself in the bath binge watching all my favourite Youtubers. In particular at the moment, I have been loving watching more regular vloggers. It can be a little hard to explain the industry to those who ask what I do and even to other friends who don't watch Youtube, but that to me is all the more exciting that I find myself in a whirlwind of new technologies and forms of entertainment and in my case as a Youtuber, even advertising and marketing. When big name brands reach out to little old me, I wonder how I got to be so lucky to be in the position I am today. 

Youtube aside, in my personal life, I have a few things on my agenda that I'd like to do in 2018. The one I'm currently investigating and looking into, started to horse ride again. Back in school, an afternoon activity that myself and my friend Jenny set up, what a little weekly horse riding club. At just £15 a week, we used to have an hours session learning how to ride in a non competitive fashion, as a hobby that was fun and GREAT for the bum! So horse riding is something that would run alongside my health and fitness goals that I am aiming for throughout 2018 which really is nothing more than to just keep a regular fitness plan and fairly healthy diet. I'm fairly confident when I say that I will never be someone keen on counting macros and shredding and bulking. However it is the endorphins and the feel good factor I get when maintaining regular exercise that makes it worth it for me. So last summer, I got into regular (1 or 2) runs a week up by our local reservoir. It's the perfect place for me to run as its exactly one kilometre there, 1 kilometre back and 1 kilometre around the reservoir. Therefore I always jog a minimum of 3k and vary the distance depending on the energy I have for that particular run. As I did get so into that routine and really enjoyed it, I put my Pure Gym membership on hold. However as the colder and wetter months approached and my festive period of indulgence overcame me, running was put to one side and I was no longer a member for indoor runs/weights. So  have considered re-opening my Pure Gym Membership to keep up more regular exercise again for nothing other than a little toning, strengthening and above all for my mental health.  

Lastly for my lifestyle goals, the two major things I'd love to do more are travel and read. In terms of travel, I'd say I am already fairly well-travelled, and I have visited a variety of countries however there are still many more I'd like to see. Unlike most who have the goal to travel more and see new things, for more it's not only about that but it's also about pushing myself out of my comfort zones. Travel as a concept can be a little daunting to me. The idea of it is amazing but I constantly battle the anxiousness overwhelming me in the lead up to stepping out the door. For be home is a little safe haven where nothing can go wrong but travel is something that can bring on anxious feelings. I feel like my personal anxiousness is brought on when I confuse what should be and is initially excitement, with fear. Why...I don't know. I ask myself this every time and always tell myself to stop feeling nervous, as I seem to worry about something that hasn't even happened. Anyway, travelling more and saying yes to doing things that might scare me, helps overcome these feelings each time. Plus, Once I'm in the experience itself or back home after, I can look back at having creating amazing new memories having seen a little bit more of the amazing world we live in! So with that being said, I booked Barcelona in January for Tom's Christmas present and Naples/Sorrento in March for his birthday!

I also mentioned I want to read more. If you have watched my Youtube videos, you will have heard me mention a thousand times about my ever growing monochrome coffee table book collection. Evidently, they are now all beautifully on display and it's time I sit down and read some of them. I have a range of autobiographies, thriller novels and lifestyle/advice books that I would love to get stuck into. When abroad on longer summer holidays, I almost always have 1 or 2 books to get through and thoroughly enjoy it at that! But when back home, I find it easier to gravitate towards the TV remote or Youtube. This year and continuing on to future years, I'd love to read more when home and get into to the habit of picking up a book. As a side note, a few of you have mentioned you'd like me to do a video on my 'monochrome book collection' so stay tuned for that because I think it's a great idea and will get me in the mood to start reading more!

So there you have it. A fairly large round up of what's gone on in 2017, and what's hopefully to come in 2018. I wish you all the success and happiness for 2018 and beyond and again cannot thank you all enough for your support so far! 

Much love