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Sunday, 6 August 2017

HD Eyebrows and LVL Lashes Review

On my Youtube channel today, I uploaded a VLOG style video bringing you along to the salon with me! Having booked in for several treatments in preparation for my holiday to Barbados, I thought it might be interesting to show you the different processes of each treatment. You can view the video here and in the meantime, I have detailed below more in depth my thoughts on each treatment. The salon I go to is in a small village in Lancashire called Barrowford and it is called All About the Sparkle


RRP: £31

AVERAGE DURATION: 30-45 minutes

PROCESS: Starting by lying down on your back, the hot chocolate scented wax is applied in sections on your shins, knees and thighs, and removed with strips. After the front of both legs have been fully waxed, you're then advised to turn over, lie on your front and the backs of the legs are then finished off. 

THOUGHTS: I love the finish of a leg wax. If you saw my recent video on Youtube all about my body hair removal experience, you would know that ordinarily I epilate my legs. However, I find it incredibly difficult to epilate my thighs and would usually leave the hair above my knees. However, when going on holiday, I like to book in for a full leg wax as a treat, knowing that most days on the beach and beside the pool, my legs will be on show. 


RRP: £28


PROCESS: HD Brows requires a patch test which can be collected from your salon and done at home 48 hours prior to your treatment. The 7 step process involves a consultation, tint, wax, trim, thread, tweeze and then aftercare. The technician measures out your brows and aims to get your desired look all whilst completing the session with makeup fill in.  

THOUGHTS: I was a little sceptical at first as I didn't want my brows to be reduced in size but in fact, enlarged. I didn't think this was possible, hence why I have never had anything done to my brows before. Nevertheless, I ended up walking out with thicker looking brows than I did walking in and for that, I would recommend the treatment. I don't think it will be a treatment I use on a regular basis, simply because of the lack of re-growth of my natural brow. That being said, when next booking in for a pre-holiday pamper session, I would have the treatment done again. 


RRP: £50

AVERAGE DURATION: 45 minutes -1 hour

PROCESS: The LVL Lash Lift requires a patch test which can be done in your salon the week before your treatment. Lashes are straightened at the root and given the effect of longer looking lashes. A strip is set on the eye lid ready for the special adhesive to lift the lashes. Lashes are then tinted to give the effect of mascara being applied when in fact there is no makeup involved. The images look a little scary but I felt totally relaxed throughout the whole process with my eyes closed and each step is timed which break up the 45 minute waiting time. If you were contact lenses like me, I'd recommend taking them out before hand which I did and was glad I remembered!

THOUGHTS: With a recommend duration of 6-8 weeks, this is the perfect pre-holiday treatment. I could not believe how incredible the results were from the LVL lash lift and would highly recommend it to anyone! It's a pricier treatment and for that reason and that reason alone, I would not have this done every time, but merely before trips away when there will be times without makeup. For me personally the results are so great because I naturally have fairer lashes despite them being quite long and there is also not much of a natural curl to them. I cannot recommend this treatment enough and encourage you all to book in NOW!


RRP: £25


PROCESS: Any polish or previous shellac is first removed. Nails are then filed and shaped to your liking. A cuticle cream is applied to soften he cuticles before clipping them off. A base coat is applied followed by 2-3 coats of your preferred CND Shellac polish colour, I chose 'Cocoa' this time. each coat is dried under an LED lamp then a final top coat locks the colour in place. Finally, lint papers removes any unwanted excess particles and some cuticle oil is applied for moisture and care.

THOUGHTS: The main benefit to using Shellac polish for me, is the quick-drying time. Gone are the days of having to pay in advance to avoid smudging your nails by getting your purse out your bag. I also long how long they last (2-3 weeks) making them perfect for when going away. For me, I also find they strengthen my nails, as long as they are removed properly, when the shellac is actually on, that extra thickness prevents my nails from breaking. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the treatments, feel free to head over to my Youtube channel, watch the video and leave comments. I will aim to answer everybody's questions so just get in touch!