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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all well! Today I wanted to share a few images of different quick and easy hairstyles for all hair types but particularly for long hair. I have recently uploaded a video on my Youtube channel with 7 different hairstyles in total and these four are my favourite. If you want to see all 7 hairstyles, simply scroll down to the bottom of this post and you can watch the full video! Enjoy!

| H A I R S T Y L E  O N E |

This first hairstyle is by far my most popular hairstyle to wear. It's very simple and so quick to do as it's not much more than a simple high ponytail. The only difference being with the hair bobble I use. I have recently joined the trend of using these coil like plastic hair bobbles for my high ponytail. Not only is is better for your hair as it's less likely to snag or pull, but with the coil-like shape, it makes the ponytail appear a lot thicker. This is a great trick particularly if you have thinner hair. Also, why not take a small section from the ponytail and wrap it around the bobble and secure with a bobby pin to disguise the cheat! All the bobbles I used in this tutorial were kindly gifted to me by a brand called Scunci - you can shop their products here.

| H A I R S T Y L E  T W O |

I discovered this hairstyle in a video created by a favourite Youtuber of mine, Jordan Lipscombe. She has such fabulously thick hair to make anyone envious of and I loved how simple this look was that she created. To make the look, you simply take three small sections at the top of your hair, twist it slightly and secure with a small clear elastic band. This makes a nice alternative to a half up do as it allows your hair to be off your face whilst creating the illusion that it is still down.

| H A I R S T Y L E  T H R E E |

This third hairstyle is another favourite of mine although slightly less used. The only reason being is that I don't always get the bun right first time. The more you try and fail, the more frustrated you get! Being completely honest, this look is a complete chance on how it turns out, having said that, you can always secure the bun down win bobby pins if you have some to hand. 

| H A I R S T Y L E  F O U R |

Lastly, this fourth look is probably my second most used hairstyle after the high ponytail. More often than not, this messy bun is just for taking my makeup off or for around the house. But again, like the half up bun, if the messy bun turns out good and in my favour, I always love to wear my hair like this out and about. It's particularly good during the summer months to get all the hair of the back of my neck (we all know that feeling!).

You can see 7 different hairstyles in this video tutorial on my Youtube Channel. I hope you like it!