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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Don't Make Your Weekend A 'Weak End'

Have you had a hard week? Whenever you're reading this, you may have struggled through the week and found that you can’t unwind straight away, or do you tend to find yourself stressing through to Sunday and so you don’t enjoy your weekend? It’s never a nice state of affairs, but let’s make sure you enjoy your weekend properly and live for now. Don’t think about Monday, enjoy what you can do right now, so let’s get organised and give you some ideas on how to recharge, relax, and reinvigorate.
It’s time to get all the bad feelings out of your system. This is the furthest time away from Monday, so you have to make the most of it. Let your hair down and make sure you get all the negativity out of your system, so get to a club like Mahiki. Make sure to book a Mahiki table and enjoy the plush surroundings. You don’t have vent your frustrations but if it helps you, get it out of your system before having a couple of cocktails and enjoying a nice dance. On the way home, get a nice takeaway, because food always makes us feel great, doesn’t it? Pick a nice pizza or some fast food, it always makes me feel good! You have to treat yourself every once in a while, even if you're trying to eat healthier.
So, depending on what time you’ve woken up you may be able to squeeze in an exercise class. A nice bit of exercise will help you to sweat out the toxins from the night before, so either get yourself to a hot yoga class so you can really get the toxins out or do some HIIT and get yourself in peak shape for a busy night out!
After you’ve got ready, what do you want to do? Do you think you could do with a pick me up after the week you’ve had? If so, get down to a local comedy club like the Glee Club, and there are plenty of options for a great laugh. If one comedian isn’t your cup of tea, there are always many on the bill, so just relax, get a drink down you and laugh your head off. It’ll help shake off the shackles of the week!
After you’ve hit a comedy club, it’s time for some dancing. If you want to really let your hair down, the Ultimate Power club night is all about 80s power ballads! So if you want to shout along to Living On A Prayer, (a favourite of mine and my mums), while playing an air guitar, then you’ve got it!  

Yes, the weekend’s nearly over, but you don’t have to feel sad about it. Sundays were built for relaxing, so get yourself down your park for a walk and enjoy the peace and quiet. I love taking my dog Ralph out and if you're yet to meet him, you can see him on my latest Youtube vlog here! If the weather is terrible, get yourself to your local pub for a delicious Sunday lunch and a couple of drinks with some friends. Stroll home around 6 o’clock and settle down in front of the TV and pamper yourself with a face mask or do your nails. Yes, Monday is coming around, but you’ll survive it! It’s all about letting your hair down properly on the weekend, and this is the fool proof way!

In the lead up to my summer ahead, I like to stay really focused during the week with all aspects from eating well to exercising and getting on top of all my work. I then allow myself to enjoy the weekend with treats, drinks, socialising all guilt-free as a reward for staying focused during the week! Whatever your plans are for this week, remember, stay focused and look forward to the weekend ahead!

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