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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Modern and Feminine: Get The Look

Can you dress in both a modern and feminine way? Of course, you can! In fact, it's easy once you know how. To do it, just read the guidance below and try out the elements that appeal to you for a perfectly feminine, yet modern look to sport this summer.

| T H I N K F L O A T Y |

The first step to rocking the feminine look is to use floaty fabrics like chiffon, lace, or cotton. Go for crisp white for a modern touch, or pastel colours to emphasise them feminine. Also look for edgy frills at the neckline or hem, and even in the form of trumpet sleeves to give that girly and on trend look. Lengths aren't too important though, as you can actually find garments in maxi, midi, and mini that fit the above description. So just pick the scale that suits your particular body shape the best and go with that.

| E M P H A S I Z E Y O U R C U R V E S |

One of the biggest tricks in getting the modern yet feminine look right is picking items that best emphasise your curves. To do this, you need to consider the fabric they are made of and how it fits to our body as well as the style of the piece you are wearing. Remember, in particular, hourglass figures are always feminine and they can be very modern too if picked in the right fabric. So try to pick items that give you a shaped waist and that have volume at the hips or bust.

| T H I N K D E N I M |

Another perfect item for a modern but feminine look is denim. In particular, that really blue denim is bang on trend at the moment. Denim jackets need to be oversized or cropped, but not both. Shorts should be as short as you can get away with. Think hot pants rather than culottes, as you want to accentuate the femininity of your body, while looking as up to date as possible.

| M I N I M A L J E W E L L E R Y |

Of course, it's not just all about clothes if you want to pull of feminine, modern look. You also have to get you jewellery right too. Happily, as this is such a popular style that you should be able to find some fashion jewellery suitably pretty enough to match your look. Although remember to pick tones and shapes that also suit your style and body as well. Try teaming a long line, thin, chain with a crystal with a maxi items to emphasise their flow. Or some delicate shorter chains in gold and rose gold to emphasise femininity.

| C O N S I D E R S U E D E |

Suede is a wonderful material if you are looking to get a feminine and modern look. That is because not only is it up to date this season, particularly in shades of pink and white, but it will also hug your figure. That means it reads as stylish and feminine when worn as a dress, crop top, or matching skirt and top combination. Although if you are going for the latter, you must remember to pick a top that has multiple cross straps, as this help to break up and further feminise the design.

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Don't Make Your Weekend A 'Weak End'

Have you had a hard week? Whenever you're reading this, you may have struggled through the week and found that you can’t unwind straight away, or do you tend to find yourself stressing through to Sunday and so you don’t enjoy your weekend? It’s never a nice state of affairs, but let’s make sure you enjoy your weekend properly and live for now. Don’t think about Monday, enjoy what you can do right now, so let’s get organised and give you some ideas on how to recharge, relax, and reinvigorate.
It’s time to get all the bad feelings out of your system. This is the furthest time away from Monday, so you have to make the most of it. Let your hair down and make sure you get all the negativity out of your system, so get to a club like Mahiki. Make sure to book a Mahiki table and enjoy the plush surroundings. You don’t have vent your frustrations but if it helps you, get it out of your system before having a couple of cocktails and enjoying a nice dance. On the way home, get a nice takeaway, because food always makes us feel great, doesn’t it? Pick a nice pizza or some fast food, it always makes me feel good! You have to treat yourself every once in a while, even if you're trying to eat healthier.
So, depending on what time you’ve woken up you may be able to squeeze in an exercise class. A nice bit of exercise will help you to sweat out the toxins from the night before, so either get yourself to a hot yoga class so you can really get the toxins out or do some HIIT and get yourself in peak shape for a busy night out!
After you’ve got ready, what do you want to do? Do you think you could do with a pick me up after the week you’ve had? If so, get down to a local comedy club like the Glee Club, and there are plenty of options for a great laugh. If one comedian isn’t your cup of tea, there are always many on the bill, so just relax, get a drink down you and laugh your head off. It’ll help shake off the shackles of the week!
After you’ve hit a comedy club, it’s time for some dancing. If you want to really let your hair down, the Ultimate Power club night is all about 80s power ballads! So if you want to shout along to Living On A Prayer, (a favourite of mine and my mums), while playing an air guitar, then you’ve got it!  

Yes, the weekend’s nearly over, but you don’t have to feel sad about it. Sundays were built for relaxing, so get yourself down your park for a walk and enjoy the peace and quiet. I love taking my dog Ralph out and if you're yet to meet him, you can see him on my latest Youtube vlog here! If the weather is terrible, get yourself to your local pub for a delicious Sunday lunch and a couple of drinks with some friends. Stroll home around 6 o’clock and settle down in front of the TV and pamper yourself with a face mask or do your nails. Yes, Monday is coming around, but you’ll survive it! It’s all about letting your hair down properly on the weekend, and this is the fool proof way!

In the lead up to my summer ahead, I like to stay really focused during the week with all aspects from eating well to exercising and getting on top of all my work. I then allow myself to enjoy the weekend with treats, drinks, socialising all guilt-free as a reward for staying focused during the week! Whatever your plans are for this week, remember, stay focused and look forward to the weekend ahead!

| S H O P T H I S L O O K |

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A Taste of Summer - Peroni Ambra Event, Spinningfields

For four days next week (22nd - 25th June) the residents of Manchester will have the chance to discover the all new Peroni Ambra drink as the well-established Italian brewery team up with a favourite venue of mine, The Oast House, to bring to us The Aperitivo Bar! As a fashion and lifestyle  blogger I feel it's only adequate to include a quote by one of the most influential designers to come from Italy, Stefano Gabbana as he once said "Italians know that what matters is style, not fashion". This quote can certainly be extended to their taste in food, drink and of course catwalk trends. Having attended Peroni events in the past, I already know that the Italian style and design will be implemented in every little detail and I think it would be a great event to attend with your work colleagues, friends or perhaps even a first date... The Oast House will be beautifully transformed into an immersive and interactive Italian setting where the authentic tastes and rare ingredients will transport you straight to the streets of North-Western Italy. What's more, if you love music, then between the hours of 6pm and 8pm on the Friday and Saturday, you will be enlightened with the sounds of The Urban Soul Orchestra and Euphonica.


With Italian Chinotto as the main ingredient (an Italian citrus fruit grown in the region of Liguria, North West Italy), combined with the classic tastes of Peroni Nastro Azzuro our taste buds will be set for summer. Served refreshingly over ice and garnished with an orange twist, I cannot wait to discover the citrus flavours myself! It has a bittersweet yet balanced flavour, leaving the palate cleansed and refreshed. This drink has been designed as an aperitivo allowing the unique flavours to open the palate and prepare the taste buds for the selection of Italian dishes that will be on offer at the 4-day pop-up event. 


One of my all-time favourite cuisines is of course, Italian. Not only do I love the fresh ingredients, family recipes and delicious goodness, but I also love the style of Italian dining. Italians have a real passion for food and I believe it shows in their cooking. The wholesome and hearty pizza and pasta dishes are delicious for everyone, however I also really like the aperitivo style dining. Smaller dishes consisting of fresh and locally sourced produce and ingredients, complete the authentic style that Italians are renowned for. I'm very much looking forward to trying out all the delicious Italian food on offer at the event, and having attended a Peroni event in the past, trust me when I say, you need to go to discover the amazing flavours of both food and drink! Will I see you there? #PeroniAmbra  #AmbraHour


LOCATION | The Oast House, Spinningfields

DATES | Thursday 22nd June - Sunday 25th June 

*Please note that this post may have affiliate or sponsored links. Any products listed or reviews and opinions are as always of my own and true to how I feel. For PR and media enquiries please email

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Happy Fathers Day!

To all those fortunate enough to have or even to have had a great dad in your lives, let's all just take a moment to be so thankful! My dad is everything to me, of course I am going to be bias but I would say he is the best dad any daughter could ever wish for! This year I wanted to do something special to celebrate and I have roped my dad into my new Youtube channel! I asked him if he would like to do a 'My Dad Does My Voiceover' video. He didn't quite understand at first, but then again if he did know what I meant straight away, I would have been very surprised! I hope you enjoy watching this light-hearted fun video and to all the great dad's out there, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!

Let's also all just take a moment to share an appreciation for our dad's and if you perhaps weren't as fortunate to have such a great dad, what other figure have you had in you life to teach you what not to do! I encourage you to write a line on this blogpost on a reason why you love your dad (or father-like figure) so much and why not call him up right now to tell him yourself!

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Primark Beauty Review

So we all love nothing more than finding a bargain beauty favourite right? There's no shame in admitting that I have quite a few holy grail beauty products that only cost me what a Starbucks coffee would or sometimes even less! However I'll save that for another blogpost, for now however, I decided to try out and test a variety of products from the Primark Beauty Section. I know that Primark is a favourite for a lot of people predominantly for their clothing followed closely by their homeware, however I feel the beauty products need to be investigated further! I love finding that holy grail makeup product that costs just a couple of pounds so thought I would share my opinions on all the products I picked up on my last trip to Primark on camera so you too can see what bargains there are in Primark! If you love watching Primark clothing hauls as much as I do, you can also click here to head over and watch my latest Primark Try-On Clothing Haul but for today, here is all my thoughts and opinions on some of Primark Beauty products!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

10 ways to stay organised

When asked what is your strength and what is your weakness, the first thing that comes to my mind is organised but a perfectionist. When it comes to keeping organised, I'm quite proud to say that I am exactly that. I like lists, I like being punctual, I like staying ahead and I strongly dislike mess! So without meaning to sound big headed in the slightest, this is a trait I have always had and will always have as it complements my overanalysing and panicked brain! Yes I am a massive worrier, I suffer from anxiety which has hindered my life in the past and still sometimes does, however being someone who has a mentality to over analyse everything and worry about something that hasn't even happened, naturally you can see why I am the type of person who likes organisation and like to be in control of a situation. Therefore I feel I am a fair fit to give advice on how I like to stay organised which you could take on board yourself or even just relate to!

1 | Have a routine

2 | Start your day with exercise

3 | Every morning complete a daily to-do list

4 | Eat a balanced diet

5 | Spend time on Pinterest

6 | Have regular wardrobe clear outs

7 | Keep your calendar updated with reminders

8 | Always make your bed in the morning

9 | Stay on top of washing and tidying

10 | Reward yourself for keeping organised with something you enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 June 2017


The highly anticipated collaboration between Sarah Ashcroft and In the Style was talked about and hinted at with sneak peeks for what felt like months. The swimwear collection having been released a couple of weeks after the clothing collection has been release at the perfect time for summer. I personally have two summer holidays booked so far this year, Ibiza in a couple of weeks and then Barbados in August. It's safe to say I cannot wait to feel that summer sunshine and my first stop for some new summer clothes to take with me, was the Sarah Ashcroft Collection with In The Style. Unfortunately the hype was real guys and some of the pieces I wanted to get me hands on had already sold out in my size, however I still did manage to get a few pieces which I love and I filmed a Try On Haul so you can see how I style them and what they look like on me. All of these pieces were bought by myself so I am not being biased at all when I say how impressed I was with the collection. All my thoughts and opinions on the collection are documented in my try on haul video so if you want to find out more about what I thought along with the pieces I chose from the collection, then click below to watch!

Sunday, 4 June 2017

May 2017 Favourites

As we conclude the month of May, with two bank holidays, all four seasons, and let us not forget the tragic moments in Manchester, it's safe to say, it has been an eventful month. From a personal perspective May has been a particularly busy month as I delved into the Youtube world having been a fan of the social media platform for around 7 years! I've been wanting to start creating my own video content on Youtube for a while now and I'm so glad that this month I finally jumped on the bandwagon and so far so good! If you haven't yet found me on Youtube you can click here or simply search 'Freya Farrington' and my videos will consist of tutorials, reviews and demos, fashion hauls and travel vlogs. So I suppose the first major favourite this month has been creating content for my Youtube channel! I have also had a few exciting blogger mail deliveries and made a few exciting purchases this month, some of which I was keen to include within this monthly favourites blog post. Just as a side note, if you are someone, like me, who loves watching blogger mail unboxing videos, I open all my blogger mail over on my Snapchat (Freya Farrington) and Instastories (@freyafarrington1) so do head on over to those platforms and have a nosey into my blogger life!

The first new product I wanted to mention was kindly gifted to me by Google and although I was of course incredibly excited to receive this package through the door, it was tinged with a bittersweet feeling. The Google Pixel team were inviting a few influencers down to the rock band concert held by KISS at the Manchester arena and due to obvious reasons, that concert was unfortunately cancelled. We were meant to be attending a VIP experience all to be documented on our brand new Google Pixel smartphones. Nevertheless, despite the cancellation, the Google team still very kindly gifted us with the new smartphone with which I have had a play around and been super impressed with the sleek and sophisticated design and camera quality. At heart I am and probably always will be an Apple girl however that's not to say I'm not super impressed and very surprised with the Pixel phone, more so than I ever thought I would be. Of course once again, I wanted to reach out and just thank Google for gifting me this item of which I'm forever grateful!

Moving on to another product I was kindly gifted and keeping in line with the technology side of my favourites, was the Oral B Genius 9000 electric toothbrush. I've always been a fan of using electric over manual toothbrushes and the one feel far more advanced than my previous one! Using a combination of smart technology and bluetooth connection, whoever thought cleaning your teeth would be synced to your smartphone! There are so many impressive features and I just want to add this is not sponsored but it's purely down to how impressed I was that I felt the need to share it! Plus, it comes in a variety of colours of which I chose the rose gold version but the all black one also caught my eye!

For beauty, I have a couple of bits I've tried out and being loving this month. The first one is more of a re-discovery and it's my Urban Decay Naked 2 eyeshadow palette. I have always loved this palette but in particular this month as I have found myself to be here there and everywhere resulting in me taking my makeup on the go with me and I feel you can create both an every day look as well as evening look with this palette. Even when I'm at home with a wider variety of makeup palettes, the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette seems to be the one I gravitate towards every time!

All of these next products I have been trying out this month have been gifted either from blogger events or from PR companies as new product press releases of which I have whistled them down and chosen these as my favourite of all the products I've very kindly been gifted this month. If you want more in depth reviews of any of these products then do let me know!
Skintifique Cleanser
Madame La La Tan
So Eco Makeup Brushes
Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Treatment
Brush Works Silicone Sponge
Xlash mascara treatment and mascara

A fashion statement or tend that I have been trying out myself is the corset belt. I'll be honest at first I wasn't sure, not that I didn't like it but more so that I wasn't cool enough to pull off the look myself. But all it took was trying on my white denim corset belt from Boohoo over a loose fit shirt one evening for dinner and my boyfriend Tom saying 'woah....that's nice!' then instantly that boost of confidence made me buy two more! The black and grey ones were £4 each from Primark which I featured in a Primark Haul recently which you can see here on Youtube.

Regarding television, lately I'm yet to discover a good series that has me hooked but to be completely honest I put that down to lack of time at the moment. Once I find a series I like to get hooked and watch it back to back in the evening to the point when I can't keep my eyes open any longer! That being said I did really enjoy watching The Trial on channel 4 where we followed a murder investigation alongside the Jury to the point where the verdict was given. I'm sure everyone in the UK saw it advertised but if you didn't watch it, I'd strongly recommend heading over to All 4 to catch up on it!

Now for something a little different, with the warmer months fast approaching, I've been loving having flowers and plants around my house. There's something about the outdoors being brought indoors that is so refreshing and satisfying and although I'm not one for lots of different colour palettes around my house, I do really like the range of plants available at IKEA as well as bunches of white flowers and in particular orchids and lilies. These flowers were very kindly gifted to me from Prestige Flowers. I also have incorporated fake plants into my home interior design as you may have noticed in my TK Maxx and Homesense Haul.