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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Homeware Haul from TK MAXX and Homesense

TK Maxx and Homesense are two of my favourite shops to browse on those days when I'm really in the mood to go out shopping. A lot of people can find it a little overwhelming but if you're someone who is prepared to rummage a little then they are both well worth visiting as you can find some real bargains! I was so impressed with everything I bought on my latest trip to Birstall Shopping Park in Leeds that I decided to film a video showing you everything I bought! Let me know which your favourite items are and if you too have ever found any amazing bargains from TK Maxx and Homesense!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Come to a blogger event with me

A lot has happened this week to put into perspective how much I have to be grateful for. So much love and support has been shown in light of terrible events and I'm so proud to be associated with such a great city! Manchester is a city I'm so proud to call home, I've got so many great memories from living in this city having arrived here around 6 or 7 years ago to begin my university degree. Although I'm yet to have adopted the accent, everything else Manchester has to offer fills me with happiness and pride, the great nightlife, the friendly locals, the fabulous shopping, the eateries, the stadiums (#teamunited) and of course, the arenas. The week prior to this terrible incident, I was vlogging my time in the city and decided I would get out the camera to take you with me to a boohoo blogger event located at Trevor Sorbie Salon in Manchester. If you want to see what went on and the process of me getting ready for such an event, then click below and enjoy! 


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

An Affordable Stationary Haul

Today I wanted to share with you a few stationary pieces that I've recently accumulated and I was particularly impressed with Sainsbury's home Stationary marble and copper collection! So much so that I have included these items along with a few other bits to show you in my latest Youtube video (you can view the link below). Let me know some of your favourite stationary finds as I'm a big lover (and confessed hoarder) of stationary! I also just wanted to say a big thank you for all of your support so far on my new Youtube venture which I started just a couple of weeks ago! Reading the lovely comments and seeing that 'subscriber' count tick over the 100 mark really made me smile and I can't wait to produce many more videos and bring you lots of unique content that I hope you all enjoy! Of course if there is anything in particular you'd like me to film, just head over to my Youtube channel and let me know in a comment or tweet me as I'd love to hear your thoughts on which are your favourite videos to watch!

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Primark Try On Haul for Spring Summer May 2017

We all know how popular Primark Hauls are on Youtube with the main reason being down to the fact you cannot shop online on their website. Watching a Youtube video of a Primark haul is a great way to stay up to date with the latest fashion and beauty picks in store to keep an eye out for when you visit yourself! I find Primark can be hit and miss, sometimes I go and I'm just not feeling the vibe and don't seem to find anything I like and other times (like this time in particular) I seem to find an entire new wardrobe! It's no secret that I love shopping, it's one of my favourite things to do and I actually quite like just going shopping by myself and a bit of me time which is always important. So in this case, I went shopping to Meadowhall (you can see the vlog here) and I went into Primark and picked up several things which I am showing you over on my new Youtube channel in a huuuuge spring summer 2017 Primark Haul!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Come Shopping with my to Meadowhall!

So if you haven't seen yet, I'm now on Youtube!!! I have only just started up my brand new channel and today I'm bringing you a new video and its a vlog style shopping video and I bring you with me on my trip out to Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield. I managed to find a few things so I have also included a try-on haul with links of all the items I purchased below and in the Youtube video description. As a viewer I tend to prefer watching haul videos in which all the items are tried on so you can see how they fit so I have decided to do this for any fashion haul videos that I do too. As I say, I'm very new to all of this so any video suggestions and ideas are much appreciated, you can head on over to Youtube to watch the video and leave me a comment letting me know your thoughts! Thank you to all the support I have had so far and I look forward to the challenging but exciting journey ahead!

/ P R O D U C T S  M E N T I O N E D /

LUSH Bath Bombs

Avobath Bath Bomb
Big Blue Bath Bomb
Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar

Clarins BB Cream
Benefit Gimme Brow

Black Knit Jumper (similar) or

Gardenia Fragrance
White Cut Out Shoulder Shirt
Knit Lace-up Dress
Grey Strappy Dress
White Lace Top 
Blue Cuff Detail Shirt
Striped Jumpsuit

Sunday, 14 May 2017

How To Prepare For The Upcoming Summer Season

Well, wow, summer is just around the corner. Soon, we’re all going to be enjoying the long days of summer, or at least we will be if the weather plays ball and allows all our summer dreams to come true. Whether it will or not remains to be seen, but we have to be ready regardless. We don’t want there to be a scorching week only to realise we’re completely unprepared to show ourselves in public. Below, we have five tips to set you on the road to summer success.

Start the Exercise

If you haven’t already got an exercise regime in your life, now’s the time to start. During the summer we show a lot more skin than we do at other times of the year, and we want to feel confident when we stride out onto the beach in a bikini or arrive at a summer’s evening party. Start small and work your way up, soon you’ll be in the habit of working out and will have a toned body for summer.

Switch your Wardrobe

Have you checked out the fashion trends for summer 2017? If you want to make sure you’re a hit at the events you attend this summer, take a look and start building up your summer
wardrobe. You might need to make some more space in your home to make way for the new additions, so have a clear out of your winter clothing and store it away - you won’t be needing it for a few months (we hope)!

Taking Care of the Details

The wardrobe is important, but your summertime success can be determined by a few small details. You’ll want to make sure your skin is looking fresh and flawless, I'd recommend looking into soprano hair removal; it’ll make your skin look smooth and perfect for those long summer days. Your feet will also be given an airing for the first time in a few months, so book yourself in for a pedicure appointment and make them perfect; they’ll hopefully be wearing sandals and flip flops a lot over the next few months.

Playing With The Hair

You want to have a sense of arrival when you finally present yourself for summer, and there’s no better way to do that than by having fabulous hair. In the build up to summer, take a look at some of the trendy haircuts for summer 2017 and make sure you stand out from the crowd.

Eating Right and Living well

You can gear yourself up for all the joys that summer brings by looking to incorporate eating and living well into your daily routine. Fresh, light meals that use plenty of fresh fruit and veg will make sure you’re getting all the right foods for summer. Elsewhere, look at getting in tune with the easy summer vibes by joining a yoga class. If your body is relaxed and has all the right things inside it, you’ll be in a position to enjoy the summer season to the max.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Dare To Bare: How To Achieve A Gorgeous Glow This Summer

Summer is nearly here, and it’s time to strip back the makeup and embrace that barely-there look. If you’re not confident about minimal makeup, don’t panic. I've put together this guide to show you exactly how to achieve a gorgeous glowing complexion with minimal hassle!

/ Skin care tips /

Everybody wants that flawless, filtered look these days. Sadly, most of us don’t have perfect skin, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look and feel fabulous without spending hours in front of the mirror. If you’re keen to embrace a more natural look for summer, start by devoting some time and attention to your skin. Everyone should have a skin care regime. If you look after your complexion, you should reap the rewards. There are hundreds of products out there, and while it can be fun to try different brands and products including a favourite of mine Chamonix skin care, it can be tricky to pin down your favourites. Always look for items that match your skin type, and go for products that offer what you’re trying to achieve. If you want dewy skin, for example, don’t go for mattifying creams or lotions. If you’ve got dry skin, look out for hydrating solutions. If you’ve got oily skin, avoid oil-based products. Never go to bed with your makeup on, and exfoliate once a week. Moisturise daily.

/ Choosing the right foundation /

It’s so important to choose the right foundation if you’re going for that natural summer glow. You don’t want anything too heavy that hides your skin or a shade that’s going to give your face a completely different colour to the rest of your body. Avoid powder or liquid foundations that offer full coverage if you’re going for a barely-there look. Opt for lighter liquids, mineral powders or even a BB or CC cream if you have clear skin. Ask an assistant to match your shade, and always make sure you test different colours in natural light. Use a brush or your fingers to apply your foundation, and make sure you blend well. If you have problem areas, for example, you have dark circles under your eyes or a few spots, use concealer either underneath or on top on your foundation. This will give you extra coverage without making you look too done up.

/ Highlighting hints /

For that beautiful glow, highlighters are a must. If you’re going for a subtle look, you don’t want to be too heavy-handed and try and contour too much. Dab a small amount of highlighter on the areas that would naturally reflect light, including the cheekbones, brow bones, the bridge of the nose, and your Cupid’s bow. Blend using a sponge or a brush.

/ Bronzing basics /

Most of us like to have a bit of colour when the sun is shining. For a natural look, opt for a sweep of bronzer on the parts of your face that catch the sun. Use a brush to add colour to your cheekbones, your forehead and the end of the nose. Go for a warm shade that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone.

I cannot wait for the Summer months to come, and if you’re eager to embrace the natural look with me, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to get your glow on! For upcoming natural makeup looks, I'd love for you to head over to my brand new Youtube Channel and subscribe!

Sunday, 7 May 2017

I'm on Youtube!

Yes...that's right, I've finally jumped on the bandwagon (better late than never) and decided to start up my own Youtube channel! Having been a big fan of the platform for about 6 years now, I've come to love and appreciate the work of other bloggers through their Youtube channels and in a bizarre way fell like I know them all on a personal level. Of course it's important to realise I don't know any of them as all I receive is their edited and cut down version of reality and likewise they wouldn't have a clue who I am! That being said, I believe the popularity of the Youtube community stems from this personal and more intimate form of reality entertainment. As much as I love binging on reality tv shows like Big Brother, TOWIE, The Kardashians, Made in Chelsea (the list goes on!) I'm actually most relaxed and happiest when I watch my favourite Youtubers! It's a new world that really only those involved within and the majority of Millenials understand, the rest of the world...not a clue! When trying to explain that becoming a Youtuber is your ultimate dream career and that it's the only job you've ever been sure of wanting to do, the expression most people give back to you kills that dream that little bit more. Well it's finally got to the stage where I'm now 25 years old and I'm ready to chase that dream! Having started up my blog 2 years ago alongside working full time, it has finally got to the stage whereby all my hard work is starting to pay off and brands that I've loved for so long are starting to show an interest in working with me. Most bloggers and Instagram influencers that I follow all have Youtube channels and considering it's my favourite of all the social media platforms, I'm super excited to announce that I too am now part of that community! I cannot wait to discover all the new possibilities and challenges I have to come and I'd really appreciate all the support I can get on my new, very exciting venture! If you too would like to be a part of my little Youtube family, then you can simply search Freya Farrington or click here to find me! Thank you so much for all the support I've had in my blogging journey so far and cannot wait to continue it with everyone!

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

10 Minimal Instagrammers to Follow

So you may have come across to my blog from my Instagram account @freyafarrington1, if not head over there to check out my feed and follow if you see what you like! Instagram is probably my favourite social media platform to use, it's the one that I have the most engagement at the moment and it is by far the platform that I spend most of my time browsing! There are so many influential Instagrammers that I love to follow who have inspired me to transform my Instagram account into the one it is today. I really appreciate a clean, easy-on-the-eye and minimal look when I choose who to follow. I also love monochrome, all neutral tones and shades of black white and grey are of course my favourite accounts to follow and in light of my recent blog post '10 Minimal Bloggers to Follow' I wanted to continue this subject into a secondary blogpost sharing 10 of my favourite Instagram accounts! If you also appreciate the fluidity of a consistent and minimal Instagram account, then head on over and follow these accounts if you don't already!