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Sunday, 30 April 2017

Monthly Favourites - April

So as you may know if you've been reading my blog for a while, I don't post monthly favourites on a regular basis but this month I've come across a few new things that I've been loving that I wanted to share them! Some of these products I have been sent and others I have either purchased myself or rediscovered. I've categorised them into beauty favourites, fashion favourites and lifestyle favourites (which pleases the OCD in me) and I'd love to know your favourites!

/ B E A U T Y /

The renowned tanning brand based down under, Loving Tan got it touch and very kindly sent me a little package with a few products to try out and I HAD to share them with you. Firstly, including Tim Tams in the packaging was definitely a bonus and the brand have also kindly provided me with a code 'freya' for readers to use at the checkout to get yourself a free Delux Applicator Mitt with any purchase. So as for the product itself, I tried out the Ultra Dark mousse which in comparison to any other tanning mouse I've used is far more warm/olive toned and the Deluxe Mitt is well worth getting for the application. The brand Loving Tan oozes luxury and let's not forget to mention how beautiful the packaging is! I'm incredibly impressed with all sides to the business from the product formula, the brand image & packaging and the great customer service. I now understand why it's heavily promoted across social media and it's definitely a brand I will be re-purchasing for many years to come! The bikini featured in this photo is from which you can find here.

I've kindly been gifted the Too Faced Sweet Peach lip glosses and I have to praise two things, the formula and the smell!! The peach scent is so sweet and delicious and I simply want to lick it off, that being said however I love the formula too much to waste it. I love the glossy lip look at the minute but can't stand the sticky texture that a lot of lip glosses seem to have and these Too faced lip glosses are perfect. An old favourite of mine was the Too Faced lip injection and the other favourite lipgloss brand for me has always been the Clarins formula. Speaking of Clarins, I also very kindly received a selection of products from their Summer range and having seen that Zoella is a big fan of their lip oils, I was excited to receive their Instant Light Lip Oil in Honey Glam. I'm also trying a few other products they sent me and will let you know how I get on! If you're interested in live updates, you can follow me on Snapchat and Instagram Stories, just search Freya Farrington!

I got the Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream for Christmas (a recommendation from several people) and I'm so glad I finally tried it out myself! It's lightweight and super moisturising and has made a significant improvement to my skin. I do find with skincare that consistence is key, it's hard to see results from a product after trying it out once and having used this moisturiser every night (and sometimes morning too) for a few months, it's definitely a holy grail moisturiser that will remain a part of my skincare collection for a very long time! Having recently completed an online skin diagnosis survey on Ekia's website, I've been recommended and sent their Corrective Face Cream to try so I will be updating you on that over on my Snapchat and Instagram stories too!

/ F A S H I O N /

This month I've kindly been gifted a few tech accessories and although I'm not sponsored by these brands, I have to praise them for their great customer service and lovely comments, not to mention the quality of the products themselves. The numerous occasions where I've ordered a phone case online from eBay only to be very disappointed with the final quality and to feel misled with the advertised imagery, I've always been cautious with who to buy from. That being said there are many smaller brands out there that are true to themselves, use their own imagery and produce great quality products that last. My 'F' initial personalised iPhone case by Sophie Elizabeth London is a new favourite of mine, it's understated and a classic and I love it! I've also been gifted a Filofax Saffiano Wrap Tablet Case for my iPad which I shared on my Snapchat and Insta-stories and I have got a lot of use out of it with it having a built in notepad which of course is perfect if you're a list-person like me or if you work on-the-go a lot!

/ L I F E S T Y L E /

This month I’ve been loving hayu and they’ve even sent me over an amazing box of goodies for a perfect night in with hayu! hayu is THE reality TV subscription service. Personally I have a load of subscriptions to TV and film services like Netflix and Amazon Prime but hayu is definitely my go-to Sunday chill out TV of choice! At only £3.99 a month and no contract, it’s the cheapest of all my subscription services too. If you’d like to try it out for yourselves then get your first month FREE by clicking this link :

An up and coming Youtube influencer I've recently discovered, Imogen from Imogenation, recently mentioned in one of her videos that she wanted to start including a quote in her regular favourites post and I thought what a fab idea! So sorry Imogen but I have stolen you idea (*guilty hands up*) and this month I wanted to share a favourite quote that has been resonating with me and it is: "Do it now, because later sometimes means never". The reason this is resonating with me at the moment is that I've ummed and ahhed for so long about creating a Youtube channel considering it's the social media platform I enjoy the most and so I've recently decided I'm just going to go for it! At the end of the day I love Youtube and spend a lot of my relaxing time on it and have always wanted to become a part of it myself. I appreciate the difficulty and the struggle that new Youtubers can have but it's something I enjoy and something that I feel will personally go hand in hand with my other social media platforms and blog. After all, most bloggers and influencers I follow ALL have their own Youtube platform and you can really show your personality in video format. If you want to support me in my Youtube venture, head over to subscribe and expect video content VERY soon!!! 

If you follow me on my Instagram or Snapchat, you may have seen that I've mentioned that I'm currently on a 10 week health and fitness program to get in shape for two very exciting trips this summer to Ibiza and Barbados! So through a little trial and error, my boyfriend and I have come up with a homemade cous cous recipe that we like to call Guacocouscous! Using your imagination you may be able to work out that its a Avocado based recipe with simple and fresh ingredients including wholemeal organic cous cous, chopped avocado, salt pepper and a few mixed seeds and pine nuts in, it's absolutely delicious! Why not 'avo-go' yourself...see what I did there ;) 

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