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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Spring has Sprung: The Biggest Hair and Beauty Trends

Winter is finally (well nearly) over! The short dark days are moving over and making way for spring. Spring is an exciting time for any beauty fanatic. New trends breathe some life into our winter inspired wardrobes and makeup bags. So what are the big beauty and hair trends on the way, and how can you nail the looks?

Mermaid Eyes

We’ve had cat flicks and smokey eyes, and now it’s time to master mermaid eyes. This trend was hugely popular on the runway. With designers like Marc Jacobs utilizing this look on his models, you know it’s going to take off. The look is basically a lighter and more ethereal take on smokey eyes. Replace smudgy greys for some shimmery purples and blues. Dot a little gold on the inner corners of your eyes for a wide-eyes look.

Long Hair

Until recently short choppy cuts seemed to be the way to go. As usual though, the world of hair and beauty has done a u-turn and long luscious hair is back in. Rapunzel-esque locks are difficult to achieve so invest in some hair masks and have regular trips to the hairdressers to get rid of any split ends.

Bold Nails

On the runways we have been seeing some seriously bedazzled nails. Balenciaga championed the trend and it looks set to catch on. Make sure you apply your nail polish first, the bolder the color the better. After applying a coat of polish secure gems or stones to your nail using nail glue. Finish with a topcoat to nail this look.

Braids and Bangs

The cut favoured for spring are bangs. This carefree and cute style suits most face shapes- which is good news. Braids are also going to be a big deal. Missoni opted for a bohemian vibe for their runway. Simple micro braids are a good way to execute this trend.

All Natural Everything

Another big trend to emerge is the natural look. Alicia Keys did it first and then designers were sending their models down the runway with some seriously pared back looks. Their only accesories? Great hair, skin, and teeth!  To achieve this look you need to concentrate on the basics. Porcelain dental veneers are a quick fix for a healthy white smile. Invest some more time and money into your skincare regime too so that you can feel confident enough to use minimal makeup. The au natural trend extends to fashion too!

Bold Lips

Fans of the bold lip will be glad to know the trend isn’t going anywhere. Red’s were huge, and although they seem a little dramatic for spring, they were all over the runway. Choose a matte lipstick to nail two trends in one.

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

30 Simple Blog Post Ideas

So I found myself this week particularly busy and realised it's one of those weeks where I found myself looking for inspiration with trying to find a list of simple yet effective blog post ideas and thought why not try to inspire myself with several blog post ideas that I could relate back to myself if I'm struggling with ideas. With my blog aesthetic focusing on a minimal and mainly monochrome look, I wanted to compile a list of blogpost ideas that will be simple and easy enough to work with this white feed theme. Rather than keep this list to myself, these ideas for simple blog posts for when you may be lacking in blogging motivation or struggling with ideas may help you! I appreciate this blog post is perhaps better suited to other bloggers, but if you're reading this, not being a blogger yourself, then here's a few blog post titles you may see cropping up on my blog in the not to distant future! If you have any other ideas to add to the list of blog post titles, then let me know!

3 0  S I M P L E  B L O G P O S T  T I T L E S































Sunday, 19 February 2017

Are you a NARSissist?

Are you a NARSissist? If you know me, you know that NARS is my all-time favourite makeup brand. I've been fortunate enough in the past to attend a variety of NARS events including blogger meet-ups, press releases and makeup tutorials. Within the NARS makeup brand there is a rule that the makeup artists all adhere to which is that each makeup look features neutral tones with one pop of colour. It may be a deep red lip (my favourite is the Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella), an orange blush (like the NARS Blush in Taj Mahal) or a cobalt blue eye liner (like the Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Rue Saint-Honore). 

I was very kindly gifted two amazing NARS items recently, one being the Limited Edition Sheer Pop Multiple in Navagio Beach with a RRP of £29, and the Limited Edition NARSissist Cheek Palette in Unfiltered 1 with a RRP of £45; both items are currently in stock online at Selfridges. As both are products that I have fallen in love with as well as both bringing something new to my makeup collection as opposed to simply duplicating another item, I wanted to express my thoughts on them and share two fantastic products with you.

/ P R O D U C T  1 - S H E E R  P O P /

This product was part of the 'Pop goes the Easel' Collection and comes in a stick with a creamy formula, is a limited edition take on the iconic multi-purpose stick. It's easily blendable and buildable and I find it blends best simply with the fingertips. I like to complete the highlighted look on my cheekbones, chin, cupids bow and the bridge of the nose, with a little of the 'Watch Me' powder from the Unfiltered 1 Cheek palette.

/ P R O D U C T  2 - C H E E K  P A L E T T E /

Of the two Unfiltered palettes that were released, I definitely prefer the colours in this first palette. There are a total of 6 blush shades in Watch Me (an opalescent gold sheen), Me First (an apricot sheen), Takeover (a copper rose sheen), Out There (a deep russet matte), Chic (a rich raspberry matte) and my favourite, Exhibit A (a red matte). 'Exhibit A' and 'Chic' are my two favourite colours within the palette and I'm also enjoying 'Watch Me' as a highlighter on top of the Sheer Pop in Navagio Beach.

Today I'm wearing the Sheer Pop stick as a highlight with a little of 'Watch Me' for that extra little pop! I've bronzed with NARS Laguna and used the shade 'Out There' as my blush.

I'm always on the hunt for new NARS products to try, what products have you tried and what NARS products would you recommend?

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

OOTD : Black on Black

As you may have seen I was recently invited to Aintree Racecourse to shoot some behind the scenes footage for their Grand National and Ladies Day campaign. I knew it was going to be a chilly day and most of the filming was going to be outside so I wrapped up warm with lots of black layers and had a few photos myself to show you my outfit of the day. Where an item no longer exists, I've found a similar alternative for you from the same brand I got it from.

S H O P  T H E  L O O K :

BLACK COAT : French Connection £175

BLACK BOOTS : Ralph Lauren £87

BLACK SCARF : Louis Vuitton £375

BLACK JUMPER : & Other Stories £35

BLACK JEANS : Missguided £20

Sunday, 12 February 2017

A Minimal and Monochrome Themed Blog

So over the last few months since stripping back my blog and focusing on monochrome tones and minimal pattern, I've seen an increase in good feedback, and increased following, and more passion on my part as I love what I blog about. Most of the blogs I follow are of a similar minimal style and colour and there are a number of other top monochrome Instagrammers and blogger that I find inspiration from (click here to see my 'Top 15 White Themed Fashion Bloggers'). I'd love to hear your thoughts on monochrome and minimal blog themes and if any of you share my love for this stripped-backed look. I also like to keep things fresh as to not get bored and I've introduced a new minimal and monochrome blog theme to which I'm in love with! If you too want to upgrade your blog I find theme best minimal and monochrome blog template themes can be found on Etsy. It's worth the investment in my opinion because if you're passionate and love your own blog, then it's so much more enjoyable to write and take photos to update and keep your own blog looking fresh! Let me know what you think of the new theme and if you have any suggestions for minimal themed blogposts.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017


So you may be thinking "Fabulous Friday...but it's only Wednesday, what on earth do you mean Freya". Well there is a reason I'm discussing the trend of #fabuluousfriday today and it is in fact all to do with Ladies Day at Aintree which is taking place on Friday 7th April. I was invited down to a very special shoot involving three fabulous ladies, Sam Quek, Olympic Gold medalist and more recently known for her part in ITV's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Sam was joined by the beautiful Laura Wright, an English Soprano who is also known for being quite a competitor on the Rugby field. Lastly, the feminine trio of course wouldn't be complete at Aintree without a jockey. Irish-born Katie Walsh was destined to be a great competitor on the racing track with the love for the sport running in her blood-line, and in 2012 she finished third on Seabass in The Grand National that year.

The Randox Health Grand National will take place over three days with The Grand Opening on Thursday 6th April, Ladies Day on the Friday 7th April and of course The Grand National on the Saturday 8th April. Of all the racecourses I've visited, Aintree is best known for its fabulous fashion and not only the Liverpudlian ladies, but in fact those who travel from afar all make an effort to showcase their best style and follow all the trends all whilst retaining a touch of class and comfort in making the day one to remember.

With last year's Ladies Day Style Award prize for the #FabulousFriday event being a Range Rover Evoque, it's safe to say, dress to impress and don't be afraid to break some boundaries to stand out from the crowd, whether it be with a pop of colour, a unique fascinator or some fabulous shoes, it's worth going the extra mile on this special day. I'll be there myself and this year, in line with my style and my blog, I'll be going chic, minimal, monochrome and for the first time ever, I'll be on the hunt for a fascinator! If you're new to the racing events styles and trends then my biggest tip to you would be to know that comfort is key when it comes to your shoes in particular. Spending a full day on your feet, it's vital that you don't ruin your experience with aching balls!

I hope to see lots of ladies looking fabulous on the 7th of April and in the meantime, I'll share with you some behind the scene shots with the details of the video content to be released soon so keep your eyes peeled! Follow @AintreeRaces and join in the #FabulousFriday campaign to keep up to date with all the inside information in the lead up to the big day!

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Sunday, 5 February 2017

How I Clean my Makeup Brushes

So apparently, you should clean you makeup brushes at least once a week. I'm not being funny but I don't know anyone that sticks religiously to that regime, however what I do know now is how best to get your dirty old makeup brushes back to looking brand new! After all, makeup brushes can be very expensive so it's important to wash them regularly not only to keep your makeup brushes in good condition but also for the health and hygiene of your skin. One of the main reasons why most of us are guilty for not washing our brushes every week (me included) is it feel like quite a chore and it's easily put to the side as a task I can get done tomorrow. Well I've been fortunate enough to try the Black Canvas Cosmetics Makeup Solid Brush and Sponge Cleansing Soap. Admittedly, it's the first solid soap contained in a tin that I've tried so although I'm not comparing it to other brands, I can give my review of what I think. The think I like most about this product is the easy, mess-free storage. Once your sponges and brushes are clean, you can pop the lid back on and store it away easily until next time. The 100g brush soap retails at £12.95 and can be found online complete with a step by step for how to clean your makeup brushes.

1 / Moisten the soap with water

2 / Rub the brush bristles over the soap and lather

3 /  Rinse the brush in lukewarm water until it runs clear

4 / Reshape your brush and lay flat to dry

5 / Wipe the soap of any suds or residue and store safely until next time!

Top TIP: If you find your brushes re-shape when drying, I like to use these brush shape guards which can be bought in bulk cheap on eBay or Amazon. They're well worth the investment and make your clean brushes dry in the best shape. So that's the easiest and most hassle free I've found to keep my makeup brushes clean! I'm intrigued to find out if the automated make up brush cleaner machines work, if any one has tried them, let me know your thoughts!

*The products listed in this post were kindly gifted to me but as always, all opinions are of my own and true to how I feel.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Unveiling The Industry: What it's Really Like To Work In Fashion

In addition to the glitz and the glamour, the heels and the make-up, there is a lot more to fashion than what meets the eye. Working in the fashion industry can often be a lot different than what people and the public in general think it is. To understand it somewhat deeper, I want to uncover some of the common public misconceptions regarding the industry.

Fashion companies are not only focused on fashion. 
Yes, creating products and loving fashion are a day-to-day part of working in the industry. Though fashion is all well and good, the goal of every fashion company is to inherently make money. Every company is fundamentally a business. This means there are teams ranging from law to PR to production. At the end of the day, the CEO of a fashion company does love the company’s products, he/she is passionate for it and believes in it, but is always accompanied by the presence of the need to create profits and continue the business.

It’s not (all) what you see in The Devils Wears Prada. 
The drama in this movie has definitely portrayed the industry as being quite…dramatic. Though there may be some truth to the sometimes-crazy things assistants are asked to do, like in any industry, there are also grounded editors and bosses in addition to some that are a bit over the top. The fashion industry is not all divas and drama.

It's not all modeling, designing and make-up.
A good part of the industry depends on many hidden, below-the-surface jobs that most people do not even know exist. For example, if you have an eye for colours and for how to creatively mix them, you can work as a fashion colourist. Or if you love organisation, like me, and developing different systems for it, you can work as a closet organiser (see how I clean out my closet). If this side of the fashion industry is something that caught your interest, you can find quite a few such jobs among others on this complete list of jobs available at the moment in Manchester.

Head-to-toe designer clothes are not mandatory office attire.
Though those in the fashion are always focused on the next runway show or photo-shoot, this does not mean that the employees always have to be dressed in head-to-toe designer clothes. Outfits thrown together to also include high street and vintage pieces are just as appreciated, while the office environments – even in the case of job interviews – are often very laid back about office attire.

Yes, food and health are important.
A common misconception is that those in fashion either do not eat or eat very minimally. Health is often at the forefront of many minds in the industry. Plus, any food that goes into the office, whether in light of a promotion of a new release for some other company, is always of great quality and very appreciated.

No matter what exactly drives your interest in fashion, it is important to accurately understand what it’s really like to work in fashion. Like in any industry, there are people of all sorts with different passions and goals for their careers. The fashion industry will always be evolving and the talents you can acquire in it are both business based and also fashion specific. If you look past the stereotypes and misconceptions, you will be one step closer to truly comprehending what it is like to work in the fashion industry. 

If you found this helpful, please comment below your thoughts, I'm interested to get other peoples opinions!

*Please note that this post may have affiliate links. Any products listed or reviews and opinions in any posts are as always of my own and true to how I feel.