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Sunday, 25 December 2016

Blogging Goals for 2017

First of all, what better way to start a blogpost than wishing everybody a Merry Christmas!!! It's Christmas day, the turkey is cooking away nicely, presents are opened and the family games have begun! I'll be doing a "What I Got for Christmas" blogpost next week once I've had the chance to photograph everything. I have been thoroughly spoilt this year and I think it would be fair to say that this year has been the best Christmas I've ever had.... I know, that's a bold statement, having said that, it is the first time I've ever been bought a car, and not just any car, one that I've been wanting and I absolutely LOVE!!! Anyway, I'll be including more information on that in my What I Got for Christmas blogpost so stay tuned for that.

I always find that Christmas Day spent with loved ones heightens emotions and makes me feel so grateful for so many things in my life. First and foremost, an amazing family, mum, dad and my younger brother, of course my lovely boyfriend who is the most selfless person I know, and a whole bunch of great friends. The period between now and New Years Eve is full of reflection on how my journey throughout 2016 has progressed and even more so at this time of year, I start thinking ahead to what the next year may bring! So what better time than to write a meaningful blogpost all about what goals I have for 2017 especially for my blog Freya Farrington. I wanted to reflect on how my blog has grown this past year and set myself some targets for next year which if you're also reading this as a blogger or even if you have a different passion or hobby, you may be able to take some inspiration from this post and adapt it for yourself. So without further ado, here are a few of my blogging goals for 2017!

1 / Start writing 2 blogposts a week

I started up my blog around 18 months ago, with the initial intention of doing two posts a week which slowly became once a week, every Sunday. However, instead of doing a blog post every Sunday, I'll now be aiming to post every Wednesday and Sunday! I will get more on top of scheduling posts if needs be in order to keep in line with two a week. Sometimes, blogging can become a bit mundane but I always find, in times like that, an hour browsing Pinterest and Instagram gets me more motivated that ever! I may even extend the challenge to myself towards the end of 2017 with attempting Blogtober or Blogmas, plus it's my favourite time of the year and it's when I feel most promises on this one just yet though!

2 / Lose 9lbs and workout 5 times a week

I know this may not seem like a blogger goal, however with a couple of holidays to look forward to, I want to get back to my target weight of around 58kg not only to feel a bit more confidence in myself, but to start taking more full length body photos for my blog, starts with toning up and dropping a little of the excess Christmas weight that I've gained from the festive period. My aim is to cut out sugar at least until I reach my target weight, then allow myself the odd cheat day here and there, and more importantly, I want to aim to workout at least 5 times a week preferably ever weekday morning. Yes, that means 6:45am starts, but if I've done it before, I can do it again. I also love the feeling afterwards and by going in the morning I end up having a far more productive day!

3 / Work with more brands on sponsored posts

I feel very fortunate to have grown my blog to a point whereby brands send me free gifts and products on a regular basis. I don't for one bit take that for granted, but let's face it, freebies don't pay the bills! I'd love to grow my blog throughout 2017 to the point where I can use it to further my career doing something I truly love. I currently am self-employed as a full time blogger with other means of income, primarily though guest posts and SEO marketing for other companies however I'd love to get Freya Farrington to the point where it's my main source of income. I also truly believe in writing about what you believe in. I've been offered to work with brands before that quite honestly I don't particularly like or would never invest into myself, so why share it on my blog if it's not my honest views?

4 / Join more Twitter chats

Since it first launched, being completely honest, I've always struggled with the thought of Twitter. I very rarely find myself opening Twitter if it's not to just share my latest blogpost. It also quite clearly shows in my following when you compare it to my Instagram and brands usually want to work with bloggers who have a more consistent following across all platforms. Bloggers quite often join in Twitter chats, sharing profiles, knowledge, questions and answers and I think it could be a great way to network with other like-minded people in a very effective way that I'm yet to appreciate.

5 / Focus on my white feed theme

When I initially started blogging, there was quite a wide range of content I was discussing and I since found my passion or my niche for Freya Farrington and it's a style or theme that continues throughout my personal and home life, and that's my love of all things white grey and black. I literally love anything monochrome or neutral in colour from home decor, to choice of outfit any since focusing this on my blog too, I've actually seen an increase in my reader activity and following. I love the clean look of a plain white feed with splashes of greys, blacks and nudes and I aim to take 50 shades of grey to a whole new level in 2017!

6 / Schedule and plan ahead

A Christmas gift I received this year (like I do most years...) is a 2017 diary. What I like most about this diary is I feel it's perfectly suited to blogging. There are many blogger planners you can buy now specifically suited to those who lead a blogging lifestyle, and organisation is key! I aim to use this one planner throughout 2017 JUST for Freya Farrington blog. Any blogger events or meet ups and scheduled blogposts along with new blogpost ideas will be noted in this diary. Any other personal events, dates to remember and appointments will all remain on my iCloud or an alternative diary. This one is solely for my blog. In a kind of sad way, which quite a lot of bloggers will probably be able to relate to, this actually excites me! I can't wait to start planning ahead, scheduling filler posts and noting important blogger events in Manchester or even further afield!

So there you have it, six realistic blog goals that I'm aiming to achieve and stick to throughout the year of 2017! I'm actually really looking for to see what the new year brings and I'd love to hear some of your goals! Tweet me (although I need to get used to Twitter!) or comment below, and here's to the New Year! Onwards and upwards, let the journey begin!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

My Christmas and New Years Eve Party Picks!

Having had a recent splurge on Missguided with their irresistible Black Friday 50% offer (click here to see what I bought!), it was very coincidental that they then asked me to select a few items from their 2016 party shop to which I of course said yes! I selected 3 items, one of which being a party dress that stood out to me straight away! This white lace plunge bodycon dress is a show stopper for those who are wanting a dress to stand out from the crowd. The subtle shoulder pads square off the edge which I find is really flattering and gives it a more expensive feel. I'd say it's fairly true to size, perhaps go for the bigger if you tend to be in between sizes and I got a size 8 at £45 but I feel could have also worn a 10. The second piece is a gold satin oversized duster jacket which keeps in line perfectly with the hot trend this season, metallics! It's the perfect piece to put over your outfit to take off the chill from the winter air all whilst retaining a touch of glamour. At just £35 this is a steal, I love all their duster coats at Missguided (I own another 3 colours!) and they're perfect with both a casual and dressy outfit, I love them! To finish the look, I've added this wintery white leather look clutch, detailed with a simple thread knot. Very classy, chic, easy to wipe down for any red wine accidents and the perfect finish to a wintery party outfit! At just £20, this is a bargain!

To shop the Missguided Party collection for 2016 click here...

...and for more festive party wear inspiration visit Missguided's blog, I loved these articles in particular:

Chi Chi London were also kind enough to let me pick a party dress from their website. In stark contrast to my glitzy Missguided dress, I went for the Nives Dress which is more feminine, and a longer midi length style which I think is a great transitional piece when Winter turns to Spring. I love how wearable this dress is; from day events, to evening parties, from Winter to Summer, this dress is a great piece for all year round. It's also perfect if glitter and bling isn't your thing at Christmas. I got the dress in a size 8, it's true to fit and what's more, it's since been reduced in price from £64.99 down to just £24.99! If midi length dresses are not for you, they also sell the same dress, again in the sale for £22.99 in a petite. I got the dress in grey although it also comes in white, coral, navy and pink. Chi Chi London has very speedy delivery services in my experience and the also offer free UK returns. If you're shopping around for a party dress this season, I'd highly recommend browsing the site, ordering a few dresses to try from the comfort of your own home, pick your favourite, then send the rest back free of charge!

*The products listed in this post were kindly gifted to me but as always, all opinions are of my own and true to how I feel.

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

White Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

Yet again...another Christmas inspired blogpost, I'm sorry I can't help myself! For some reason this year, despite being prepared with gift buying in advance, all my presents now wrapped, the Christmas tree is up and decorated, I'm still finding it hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner! So venting on my blog about all things related to the festivities is definitely a big help. This year, all the Christmas adverts are making me look forward most of all to just spending time with loved ones and relaxing after an eventful year. It's also the first year that I'm thinking more ahead of Christmas into 2017 and a fresh start, a new year with lots of exciting plans in my life and I'm very much looking forward to saying goodbye to 2016 and welcoming 2017 with big open arms, first stop...the gym!

So this week, I've finished all my wrapping, the only downside is this year I'm unable to put them all downstairs under the tree. Why...? Well last year I learnt the hard way with our beagle sniffing out the chocolate... So this year, stockings and presents remain at the end of the bed! This year I had a little time spent on Pinterest and really made the extra effort to gift wrap in style, or so I think anyway!

Of course keeping in line with my preferred style of minimalism, I chose a theme this year of white and silver for friends and white and gold for family. I love the mix and match aesthetic without it getting messy and untidy on the eye and the best way to achieve this is by sticking to a colour theme and mixing textures and patterns. I also have some presents wrapped in gift wrap and some in white boxes the by adding a little accessory like a bow, ribbon, gift tag or in some instances a sprig of mistletoe finishes off the look perfectly!

I took inspiration from photos on Pinterest and through that managed to source some free printable gift tags which I printed on card and cut out myself; simple, free and very effective! I used these metallic Sharpie pens to write a message on each gift tag and I love how personal they look considering you've taken the time to make them and hand write a note of each one, I think the gift receiver would be very grateful, I know I certainly would! If you like this look and want to re-create it yourself, here is where I found my free printable Christmas gift tags:

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide for Lovers of Minimalism

Two of my favourite things in the world, Christmas gift giving and minimalism combined, sit down, grab a coffee because this post is a long one! I wanted to provide an extensive list to help those buying gifts for lovers or minimalism, or things to look out for yourself in the January sales! Minimalism is fast becoming a popular trend, in true Parisian style people are starting to see that "less is more". Having transformed my blog Freya Farrington into having a monochrome and minimalist theme, my following has grown and not only that, but I have also followed lots of other bloggers and influencers with a similar style. Some bloggers tend to get stuck in a rut, struggle for ideas on what to write about and lack inspiration. Writing about something your passionate about and actually enjoy makes a world of difference, hence why this list is so extensive (I may have got a little too excited and carried away!). Nevertheless, here it is, a Christmas gift guide for lovers of minimalism!

cereal magazine edition 1

cereal city guides

silver bar earrings

silver cuff bangle

concrete notebooks

an organised life diary
amazon echo dot white

diptyque candles
pur cosmetics selfie palette 

linen bags

large grey patterned rug

grey concrete plant pot

white leather washbag

grey all saints scarf

1 | Cereal Magazine Annual Subscription £22
2 | City Guides by Cereal Magazine £8
3 | Thin Bar Studs by & Other Stories £7
4 | Cuff Bracelet by & Other Stories £12
5 | Concrete Notebook Etsy from £3.50
6 | Minimalist Stationary by An Organised Life from £1.99
7 | Amazon Echo Dot £49.99
8 | Candles by Diptyque from £20
9 | Makeup Palette (Pur Cosmetics £34)
10 | Linen Scented Bags Zara Home £15.99
11 | Rugs and Throws, Urban Outfitters £145
12 | Concrete Vase, Not on the High Street £11.85
13 | Leather Wash Bag, The White Company £65
14 | Scarf, All Saints £68

Lastly, don't underestimate or scrimp and save on the packaging - any minimalist, organised OCD neat-freak (like me) will appreciate simple, matching and minimal packaging (I love brown paper and  white boxes!). So pick a theme, this year mine is white, grey and silver and be consistent with it. I also found some free downloadable tags to print out - a little detail can go a long way! I also picked up some fake plants from Poundland and cut sections off for extra detail and decoration.

TIP: Pinterest is the perfect source for inspiration (see image below)!

minimal gift wrapping