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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Want better hair in just a week?

Do you want to try the 'Better Hair in a Week' Challenge?

Well I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with a brand called Hairapeutix that I'll be honest, I'd never actually heard of before. Hairapeutix is a pre-shampoo treatment made with a signature blend of natural oils and organic ingredients, designed to revitalise, condition and restore tired and dull hair. What I really like about this product is that it's designed to be used before washing your hair, which encourages the absorption of all the good stuff needed for restoration and replenishment. I prefer pre-treatments as opposed to over doing it on products after my hair has been washed, dried and style because I find using too many products after can actually make it feel like it needs a wash again.

My Hair Routine 

So I am very fortunate to have been blessed with thick long hair that naturally grows quickly and is in fairly good condition. I only wash my hair twice a week and on the third day I use dry shampoo or throw it up in a high pony. I find the more often I wash my hair, the more often it actually needs re-washing. Therefore, limiting myself to washing my hair only twice a week not only prolongs the time in between washes but also reduces the amount of heat I'll use on my hair. Each time I wash my hair I use a purple shampoo to keep the yellowy tones astray. I've now also been incorporating the Hairapeutix pre-wash treatment once a week, i.e every other time I wash my hair. You can use the product as often as you like. I then part towel dry, part air-dry and part blow dry my hair. It really all depends on how much of a rush I'm in, which is usually if I'm washing it in a morning. I like to either leave the finished look as it naturally falls however if I have something important on that day, I'll slightly curl the ends with a large heated barrel tong and finish the look with some Moroccan Oil in the ends.

How to Use Hairapeutix

Hairapeutix retails at £5.99 for the 'Mini' set (2 sachets) or £18.99 for the 'Ultra' set (8 sachets). To use it, simply heat the sachet up in your hands for a few seconds to fully liquefy the contents. The, apply liberally to mid-lengths and ends of hair. You can then leave the treatment to soak as long as you can, for at least 30 minutes, but preferably overnight. I'm not persistent enough to have tried leaving it in overnight so I can't speak for the results that might have, however I usually leave it for the duration of an hour long program I have to catch up on!

Overall I think this is a great product for you to try if you suffer from split or dry hair during the colder winter months. For me, it's a perfect addition to a little pamper session you may like to enjoy with a face mask on at the same time. If you're looking for a fun stocking filler gift for a loved one who loves to do the odd face mask or two, then this is a great gift to give, not to mention it comes in a nice little white and blue wintery style box that you could simply pop a ribbon on and put in the stocking! Overall, a good gift and for the price, is great value for money and I would be inclined to re-purchase this in the future!

*The products listed in this post were kindly gifted to me by Catalyst PR but as always, all opinions are of my own and true to how I feel.

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