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Sunday, 30 October 2016

October Favourites 2016

October is possibly my favourite month. I love the transition into Autumn, when the Summer starts feeling a little sorry for itself and it becomes too cold to wear a summer wardrobe. I even like to have a little wardrobe clear out, put my summer items away and bring out those beloved jumpers, cosy leggings, leather boots and big knit scarves. I'm about 20 pumpkin spiced lattes into the Autumn season of 2016 and not even slightly sick of them yet. I only sporadically post Monthly Favourites blogposts but this time, I have done two in a row, simply because this is my favourite time of the year! I also wanted include one item in particular in this month's favourites as its cancer awareness month. This year, Channel 4 have launched Stand Up to Cancer which has done a brilliant job raising awareness of the life-taking disease that almost everyone is somehow effected by. Spot the product I'm loving this month, that also does a great job is raising money for such a good cause...


1/ So let's start with my favourite fashion finds this month. Firstly, I made an order recently from Miss Guided with the intention of buying some new items for autumn as well as some sale finds, with the intention of sending a few back, of course didn't, I loved everything! As I mentioned before, I did pick up a few sale items so all of the things I got may not be in stock anymore. Here are a few from my Miss Guided order and I'd definitely recommend checking out their sale!

Faux Leather White Midi Skirt -

Carli Bybel Grey Set -

Sleeveless Crop Grey Vest -

2/ I was kindly invited as part of the press team to visit Liverpool's North West Fashion Festival last weekend and came across a brand that I loved the look of! It's a fairly new brand, Nu Nude and it screams Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's Yeezy fashion line but of course it's far more affordable!

3/ Thirdly, and somewhat surprisingly, I came across a great fashion find for this season on a bit of a whim. I'm not personally a big fan of Primark, as most things I've bought from there in the past I find wear quite quickly however I still like to have a browse every now and again (especially in the PJs section!). I went in this month with the intention of needing to find some new leggings for the winter, not at all expecting to find them in Primark however I did! They actually had two different types of plain black leggings, a cheaper pair of their standard viscose, slightly see-through, non-desirable legging but then they also had the 'Cosy leggings', made from a much thicker, more forgiving material, with an extra soft cosy lining on the inside. They surprised me that much that I bought two pairs!


1/ I've been lucky enough to have been sent a few PR releases for new beauty products this month and one that I have been trying out and really enjoying was the Frizz Eliminator Serum and the Smooth & SealAnti-Frizz and Shine Spray, both from the SexyHair brand. What I really like about these anti-frizz products is that you use them on dry hair which I find you tend to get a more noticeable different and an instant change upon application. I'm going to continue trying and testing out this product before making a decision on whether or not I'd re-purchase it, but so far, so good!

2/ As mentioned earlier, as it's cancer awareness month, I was keen to include a little about the brand Look Good Feel Better. I have a few different makeup brushes from this brand and my two new brushes that I was kindly gifted this month, all in aid of raising awareness for a good cause, were the Flawless Foundation Duo Set complete with an Angled Foundation Brush and, my favourite one, the Duo Fibre Foundation Brush. For every sale of the Flawless Foundation Duo set, an 8-12% donation will be made to Look Good Feel Better. Donations from the sale of this product will help them support thousands more women and teenagers across the UK. I of course have since purchased more brushes from this brands as every little helps to make a difference! You can purchase your own on Feel Unique and Amazon.

3/ Lastly, for beauty favourites I've been loving this month, I had to include my Stay Don't Stray Eye shadow primer from Benefit Cosmetics. Without needing to go too much in depth as to why I love this product, I've written about it in last week's blogpost; NEW IN - BEAUTY PRODUCTS FROM BENEFIT COSMETICS.


1/ Having restarted my Netflix Subscription this month, there are a couple of things I've watched that I wanted to include. Firstly, Narcos. Everyone's been talking about it and as much as I've been looking to watching it in the evenings, Stranger Things had me more gripped. Although it was more horror/thrilling than Narcos. That being said, I have been enjoying Narcos, I love anything based on a true story, I just have to be wide awake to watch it and not leave it for when I'm dozing in front of the TV, why? Subtitles.

2/ There's also a film we were recommended to watch on Netflix, and if you like thrillers and murder mystery type films, this one's for you! The Gift is a story of a married couple who have recently moved to the area, when they unexpectedly bumped into an old school friend of the husband, Jason Bateman. After a flurry of gifts, the plot thickens and the twists and turns lead to a very unexpected ending, guaranteed to make your jaw drop! Not a film that you feel you missed out not watching it in the cinema, but a great Sunday chill day film when you're not sure what to watch.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

New In - Beauty Products from Benefit Cosmetics

This week, I'm sharing my thoughts and opinions on a few new Benefit products I have recently been trying. Having had my makeup done by a Benefit artist who used all of these products and more on me, I wanted to share what I thought of 3 new things that I've never tried before. There are a few products that I love from Benefit, including the 'High Beam' liquid highlighter, 'They're Real!' mascara and the 'High Brow' Highlighter. Having said that, one thing I wouldn't be swayed into purchasing is the foundation. After having had a professional makeover, I was really not impressed with the finish of the foundation used on my skin as it's durability wore off throughout the day, it became patchy and it oxidised leaving some areas quite orangey looking. Nevertheless, there are some Benefit makeup holy grail products for a lot of people and let's not forget the incredible work that goes into the marketing campaigns, branding and packaging, you can recognise Benefit products from a mile off!

Product 1 // The POREfessional: Matte Rescue Mattifying Gel Makeup Primer £21.50 for 50ml

What they say: "Matte rescue instantly minimizes pore appearance. The lightweight, water-based gel overpowers shine and absorbs excess surface oil, leaving a natural-looking matte finish. Skin feels smooth and refreshed. Contains diamond powder known for its soft-focus pore-blurring effect."

What I say: Unfortunately this product will probably not be a re-purchase. Having never tried the original POREfessional primer that everyone raves about, I was really excited to give it a try but then the makeup artist doing my makeup advised this one to be better suited to my skin type with its diamond something or other particles. I loved the cooling sensation when applied to my face and it smells very fresh and minty giving an very nice refreshing feeling, however whether it mattifies or not...I'm not so sure. I honestly wish I'd have tried the original formula considering that's the one I've heard such great things about. That being said, it's still a great product, it just, in my opinion, isn't exactly true to what it says. I still love using this primer on a day-to-day basis, but I do tend to resort to my favourite primer on special occasions, the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.

Product 2 // Stay Don't Stray Eyeshadow Primer in Light/Medium £20.50 for 10ml

What they say: "This dual-action power primer works 360 degrees around the eyes to make concealers AND eyeshadows STAY PUT. Concealers don't crease, eyeshadows stay vibrant & true. Contains sodium hyaluronate known to hydrate and vitamins C & E known to help fight the signs of ageing."

What I say: Of all three products that I have been trying out, this is my favourite! I really like the formula, it works great and it does exactly what it says. I've previously tried the Urban Decay Eye Potion in Eden which it reminds me of, and the only negative I'd say, is that I wish it came in more shades. Perhaps even if it was just Light Medium or Dark as opposed to Light/Medium or Medium/Dark. It's closer to the colour of my foundation whereas I'd have preferred it to have been more like the colour of my concealer. Nevertheless, I have used this most days since purchasing it and what sold me was when the MUA doing my makeup swatched the same Benefit eyeshadow on both bare skin as well as on a primed part of her arm with the Stay Don't Stray and the pigmentation difference was incredible. I really love this product and feel it's great value for money too - it will last me a while before needing to re-purchase!

Product 3 // Dandelion Shy Beam Liquid Highlighter £19.50 for 10ml

What they say: "Shhh, it’s the highlighter with a low profile. This soft-matte, nude pink highlighter puts the most natural-looking spotlight on you. Let a radiant you shine through!"

What I say: Lastly, this product I was hit and miss as to whether or not to get it. I love High Beam highlighter and feel that I was comparing the finish to that. The main difference being that it's a matte highlighter which is unusual. That being said I really like the finish it gives for a more day-to-day wear as opposed to a stronger highlight for a night out. This may be a bit too much for some, but I actually liked using this as a base to my high beam when going for a strong hight look for a night out and they compliment each other really well! In terms of value for money, it' great, I'll probably never have to re-purchase! I've had my high beam for a LONG time and use it on such a regular basis that Shy Beam, in a similar way, will last a while!

All in all, I'm glad I purchased these three items and although I like the feeling of the primer upon application, this is the only product that i'm slightly doubtful about its usefulness. I think I'll still be purchasing the original formula one day to see it that one lives up to its expectations!

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Models Own 'Gilt' Makeup Collection Review and GIVEAWAY!

Yes that's right, I'm hosting a very rare giveaway on my blog this week as I've been fortunate to have been working with Models Own on recent Press Releases and new product announcements. You may have noticed a couple of previous blogposts I have done on new Models Own products including:
Brand Focus: Launch of Models Own First Full Makeup Range
- A Review of the Dare to Bare Makeup Range by Models Own
I have to say I think this latest range is my favourite one of all of them! The latest launch is the Models Own Gilt Collection, which is now available to purchase online and in participating stores.
The Gilt collection is a new and limited collection of some of the brands favourite products all packaged in this stunning rose gold metallic finish which I love! I have to say, the attention to in their packaging is what you might expect from a high-end line as opposed to a drugstore brand and with such affordable products, what's not to love! Another exciting piece of news for lovers of the brand will be pleased to hear that they are branching into their own flagship store in London, much like the other affordable stand alone brand, Kiko Milano which is also a favourite of mine.

The products I have been gifted from the collection and my thoughts and opinions on them:

1/ GILT 3 in Eyes, Lips and Face Palette £19.99
What they say: Get precious with your metals with this luxe colour palette. Apply rich, velvety eyeshadow, silky blusher and seductive lip colour with chrome brushes, all wrapped up in a rose-gold compact that makes as much impact as you do.
What I say: What a convenient and productive palette! For a start, the rose gold packaging across the entire line is simply stunning! I love the luxurious feel it has to such an affordable brand. What's more the colours in the palette are very versatile and suitable for all! I'm never a fan of using the brushes provided but at least this palette gives you the option should you wish to use this on-the-go! I love all four eyeshadow shades, I love using coral and peachy tones blushes and the top lipstick is literally my go-to everyday colour! As soon as I next have to do a full day travelling, I'll definitely be reaching for this palette to bring along with me! 

2/ GILT Luxestick Creamy Matte Lipstick £7.99
What they say: Get lippy with this luxe, creamy matte, high-colour lipstick. Apply with a precision lip brush for a pout that's provocative perfection.
What I say: I'm really impressed with the formula, and as previously mentioned in another blog post I  think the packaging is a little too big, as it doesn't fit in my Muji lipstick holder alongside all my other lipsticks. That being said, it's actually encouraged me to use these lipstick over some of my others as I just keep them on me and carry them in my handbag. My favourite colour to use is secret garden, the nude at the bottom. Above that is Rose Petal, then Wild Rose and Ruby Red. Of all the products from the Gilt collection, these are my favourite, I only wish there was a larger colour selection!

3/ GILT Hypereyes Lengthen & Curl Mascara £7.99
What they say: It's VIPs only with this lash-lengthening mascara. Slick it on smoothly for bold, eye-opening lashes with total curl power.
What I say: I love this mascara! As the image portrays, the wand has two sides to it which for me, I find is really useful when applying mascara the either the upper or lower lashes and it also allows you to get right in the corners. My only criticism is the design of the packaging, I would have left off the wording on the lid, so if that's my only comment, it's not that bad!

4/ Gilt Lip Gunk Lip Paint Kit £10.99
What they say: Luxe be a lady with this highly-pigmented glossy lip colour. Blend your perfect shade of fiery sunset on the rose-gold mixing tray for lips on a total gilt trip.
What I say: Unfortunately the product separation as you can see in this image makes me doubt the formula slightly and instantly put me off a little. Nevertheless, I love this colour for this autumn/winter season with it having cooler undertones to it. I'm still more of a lipstick fan due to the ease whilst on the go!

5/ Gilt Face Base Face Primer £12.99
What they say: Rise and prime with this precious hydrating primer that instantly brightens partied-out skin for a clean, dewy finish. Apply a little of this oil-free saviour with your fingertips for a perfectly smooth base.
What I say: Not a revolutionary product unlike some other primers on the market. I feel like it's important to try primers out for several days to allow your skin to adapt to a new formula, that having been said, its very moisturising, and feels super soft to the touch. You can see on my swatch what it looks like fresh out of the pump as well as slightly rubbed in. Whether or not this really helps your make up last as well as some of my favourite primers, I'm yet to decide on.

6/ GILT I-Definer Kohl Pencil Eyeliner £7.99
What they say: Create a scene with this dramatic, jet-black kohl liner, for eyes with old-school glamour. Twist up the pencil and craft your lines for a finish that won't be overlooked.
What I say: I love the soft texture, it would be great to use this pencil for along the lash line and it's soft enough to smoke out. This kohl pencil definitely feels higher end and I'm impressed with its formula!

The Giveaway!

I have some of the products mentioned in this review to giveaway to 1 lucky winner. The new products are unopened, unused and still in their original packaging so may also make great gifts if you fancy being generous!

- Duration: 1 month - from 16.10.16 to 16.11.16
- The Winner will be announced via my social media platforms before Sunday 20th November
- The giveaway is open internationally and for all ages (below 16 years seek adult permission first)

Follow me on any, or all of the social media platforms below (1 follow = 1 entry!) and comment on here or any of my social media platforms telling me why you want to win and I will choose a winner at random. Good Luck!





*The products listed in this post were kindly gifted to me by Wizard Publicity but as always, all opinions are of my own and true to how I feel.

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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Brand Focus: TwentyFour Fashion

Freya Farrington blog is a passion of mine and I use it as a platform to allow me to express my minimalist style in a way that I hope readers appreciate instead of see as boring. Lack of colour or lack of pattern is not necessarily a bad thing. If plain white and simple is not quite enough for you yet you still appreciate the minimalist style, I find the best way to express more creativity is with texture. Just because I avoid colour and prefer shades of white, grey and black, does not mean that my wardrobe consists of just a few items. In fact, quite the opposite, I probably need to clear out my wardrobe! I love the different textures of linen, wool, cashmere, silk, satin, leather and cotton. The different texture combinations you can have to create a great outfit, even if it is monochrome, is endless!

This week, I've teamed up with a brand who also appreciate simple elegance through visions of different textures all the while remaining minimal in pattern and colour. Their ethos is to create on trend, chic clothes which can be worn day or night, smart or casual, and dressed up or down. The simple designs offer a cool sophistication whilst priding themselves on product quality and fine attention to detail which I can of course vouch for!

I am wearing:
- Clementine A Line Top in Size 10
100% silk and perfectly paired with something high waisted, I absolutely love the unique design of this true to size top. I love how this top can be paired with another piece for a formal occasion, just as easy as it can be paired with high waisted jeans and trainers. Simple, chic, versatile and a new love of mine!

- Yana Culottes in Size 8
Tailored shorts complete with four skirt panels, each separated with a high split, keeps onlookers guessing as to whether these fabulous culottes are indeed shorts or a skirt. I'd recommend going down a size in these as they came up bigger than I was expecting, nevertheless a comfortable fit that paired with a classic court shoe, and delicate top would look great at any semi-formal occasion.

*The products listed in this post were kindly gifted to me by TwentyFour Fashion but as always, all opinions are of my own and true to how I feel.

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Sunday, 2 October 2016

September Favourites 2016

So it's been a while since I have done a favourites post and I feel with it being this time of the year leading into Autumn, there are a few things that I have been absolutely loving! I honestly feel like I'm the only one who, as much as I do love Summer, I really like the transition into Autumn/Winter warm, cosy nights by the fire, the A/W fashion of big knit jumpers leggings boots and thick chunky scarves, the cinnamon spices in both taste and aroma, honestly, what's not to love!

First and foremost, the first thing that springs to mind when we lead int Autumn, Starbuck Pumpkin Spiced Latte! Heaven in a cup, right? I know it's very naughty and full of calories but with it only coming round once a year, I literally have no guilt sipping on the warm spiced flavours and whipped cream, YUM!

Second, and arguably the most excited I've been this season is for a jumper I found. Having recently been shopping in Manchester city centre, I had my eye out for some cosy thick knit jumpers for the upcoming cold weather and came across one in & Other Stories. I liked it that much, that I bought it in three colours! I thought I'd go for wearable colours that I can mix and match with different outfits so I bought it in black, light grey and beige dark. I bought it in a size small and for me it's the perfect fit. I'm a size 8-10 and if fits perfect in length and its slightly oversized so perfect for layering. The sleeves are also very long so perfect if you like to pull your sleeves over your hands when it's super cold! I'm so happy with this find and at £35 each these are very reasonably priced for an item from & Other Stories.

Next up is a book! I'm not a big fan of reading to be completely honest unless if I'm lying on a beach or by the pool on holiday, not because I don't enjoy it, but frankly I don't have the time! I know I could probably make more time day to day to sit down with a book, but I find it far easier to pick up to television remote when winding down on an evening. Nevertheless, I was encouraged to read this new book which is called Disclaimer. Last year I was one of those people that jumped on the band wagon with the highly raved novel, The Girl on the Train and I absolutely loved it. Again, I read it when I was on holiday so was fully entranced with the thrilling storyline. With the new film due to come to cinemas October 5th (which I cannot wait for!) I got back that bug of reading the thriller novel, this time, Disclaimer. Without giving too much of the plot away, all you really need to know, is if you liked The Girl on the Train, there's a good chance you will like Disclaimer, and I am saying that having only got half way through it!

Another favourite of mine in September, has been baths by candlelight. As the weather changes and nights become colder, I love nothing more than running a hot bath, lighting a candle, putting some music on and drifting off into an abyss of relaxation. For music, I recently purchased the CD Recover by Ministry of Sound, claiming to be the perfect blend of laidback & acoustic covers and that's exactly what it is. I love that feeling of relaxing in a bath and I feel somehow it's more relaxing with music than with silence so this has been my go to for music choice when having my hot evening baths. My favourite candle to light has recently been the Jo Malone pomegranate noir candle, and I'm very sad to say it's almost burnt out! I do have a few other candles ready to be burnt and another favourite one of mine at this time of year is Winter from The White Company, I might be asking Santa this year to supply me with more stock of both of these candles! Lastly, when having a hot bath purely for relaxation and not to wash my hair, I have been adding a couple of drops of tea tree oil as well as a new bath oil that I have discovered from ESPA called the soothing bath oil. The luxurious scent takes me to a place of zen and tranquility as if I were at a really posh spa as soon as I close my eyes. And on the odd occasion that I want to go all out with pampering myself, I like to use Garnier's Self-Heating Sauna Mask. These come in packs of two so try encourage your best friend or even boyfriend to enjoy that warm and luxurious sensation!

So as you can tell, this month, with the drastic weather change that has been upon us, I've been fully embracing the colder weather with all things autumnal and wintery. What have your favourite things been this month?

Products mentioned:
- Starbucks Pumpkin Spiced Latte (in stores)
- & Other Stories Jumper £35
- Disclaimer by Renee Knight
- Recover by Ministry of Sound
- Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Candle
- Winter from The White Company
- ESPA Soothing Bath Oil

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