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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Black Fall Fashion Finds

So as I have recently done a white wishlist, a grey wish list, I feel it's only right to finalise the series with a black themed fashion wish list. As we are now approaching the Autumn season, the pumpkin spiced lattes and cosy nights by the fire excite me so much for this time of the year and black fashion is not just for Halloween. Being completely honest I wear black all year round but at least in Autumn/Winter it's far more accepted! I have recently bought a few new black pieces perfect for the colder temperatures and for this week's blogposts I though I'd share some of my favourite pieces along with a few new ones that I want to buy, al with a continual black theme. And no, I'm not being depressive, black is my happy colour!

1. This Wildfox May mesh sweater screams Halloween and I recently picked up a jumper just like this from TK Maxx for a fraction of the price. I love it and it makes a great transitional piece as it can be layered with a long sleeve black top underneath and big cosy scarf when its colder or left with just a pretty bralet underneath for when it's still fairly warm.

2. I recently bought these Nike Club leggings from ASOS which are perfect for lounging around the house in or paired with some winter boots for out and about. At £20 they are not too badly priced for a practical addition to my Autumn/Winter Wardrobe.

3. For me, black boots are a must in Autumn and Winter, so much so that I like to have them in lots of varieties, black suede heeled over the knee, black ankle with buckles in true All Saints Style style, Uggs for those lazy slouching Sundays or the countryside preppy style fit for a horse rider or for the rest of us, for the long muddy walks in the fresh air. Here are a few pairs on my black boot wish list!

All Saints Jason Heel Boots £248

Jimmy Choo Turner Boots £1150

Classic Calf Black Uggs £155

Carvela Waffle Boots £210

4. A must in my opinion is a good quality, tailored black wool trench coat. This will never date and should stay in your wardrobe forever so it's well worth the investment. I have found this reasonably priced one at £175 from French Connection as two of my favourite winter coats are from the brand and they have lasted me so well and I always get complemented on them. Less is more and that's definitely the case for a good quality winter coat to complete a chic looking outfit for both Autumn and Winter.

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Sunday, 11 September 2016

50 Shades of Grey : The Fashion Edit

Grey is one of my favourite colours to wear all year round and some of my favourite grey pieces are great for the transition into Autumn/Winter. Grey is one of those versatile colours that, in my opinion, looks great on both sexes, can be dressed up or down, can be worn whatever the season and will never date. It's pretty obvious that I am a lover of all things monochrome and it's not hard to imagine my wardrobe, there is very little colour but that is just how I like it. That's not to say grey is only for people with a similar monochrome interest for me, I also think it looks great with any bold and bright colour. I also think grey is a good colour to opt for if you lead a busy life, have children or pets, and generally find that you are prone to getting marks on your clothes. It's not as obvious when wearing grey as it is with white or even black when you might have those little marks end up on you with no idea how they got there!

So for the fast approaching Autumn/Winter 16 season, I have chosen some of my favourite grey items available online to add to my grey wishlist...which is your favourite?

Items Listed:
- Light grey suede platform sneaker by Axel Arigato £140
- Helen Moore Faux Fur pom pom Keyring £27
- Suede Biker Jacket in Grey by All Saints £328
- The Classic High Neck Knit Top by Mint Velvet £59
- Nails Inc Hyde Park Place Gell Effect Nail Polish £15
- Super Soft Plain Scarf by Zara £19.99
- Stella McCartney Falabella Cross Body Clutch £515

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara - A Review

I'm super excited to share my opinion with this holy grail mascara! It really does live up to expectations as a revolutionary product that really is different to any other mascara on the market. 

Most people will have heard of the Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara. Younique is a brand founded in the states and can be compared to the likes of Avon where there are regional sales representatives that host parties and sell the products door-to-door; you can also buy the products online. With a whole host of beauty goodies available, it really is their 3D fibre lash mascara that has turned this line into a worldwide recognised brand. 

So, if you can't already tell, I absolutely fell in love with this mascara as soon as I tried it. A few people say it takes a bit of practise before making it work for you, but it was the first time I used it when I realised this is going to be a product that I will be using and re-purchasing for many years to come, if not forever!

Simply put, after one coat of your favourite mascara, apply one coat of the transplanting gel. Follow with the smaller tube of fibres, aka the magic! Whether you want to focus on all your lashes, just the top lashes or even just your outside lashes, depending on your desired affect, lightly comb on the fibres and set with another layer of the transplanting gel. I then repeated this a second time on the same eye and you can see the clear difference between the Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara and my favourite regular mascara (Benefit's They're Real Mascara).

All in all I am incredibly impressed whilst at the same time will be saving this mascara for special occasions or weekends - purely due to the lack of time on weekday mornings. This product is an absolute must for everyone!

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Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick Review and Swatch

Makeup Forever have teamed up with Icona Pop to create a new lipstick, the 'Makeup Forever Artist Rouge Creme Lipstick'. If you've never heard of Icona Pop, they are an electropop Swedish duo formed in 2009 with electro house, punk and indie pop music influences. The Artist Rouge lipstick range has an incredible 46 colours to choose from which is fairly impressive for a brand new launch. They have even added a white lipstick to the range with the intention of being able to mix it with other to create an endless amount of additional shades! There are also two limited edition shades (M401 and C603) selected by Icona Pop themselves. I love the wide variety of colours to choose from, in my opinion the more the better! As Dany Sanz, Founder & Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER says, "Just like in art, makeup artists need an infinite palette of colours. This is why I have developed such a wide range of new ARTIST ROUGE lipsticks, I always want to give makeup artists a profusion of shades and textures to sublimate and create their perfect piece of art.” 

Product/formula - These waxes were chosen for their specific structure, and were organised like meshwork. This process helps trap pigments as the volatile oils evaporate, and results in extended makeup wear. The ARTIST ROUGE has long-lasting results that claim to last an impressive 8-10 hour wear. Although I'm yet to see that, and I did top up my lipstick throughout the day after eating, I do think they wear really well. I find some lipsticks very drying but this formula is so moisturising that I don't have that problem. The perfect combination of macadamia and mallow oils helps nourish the lips throughout the day. As the brand claims, "Working synergistically, these two oils help ARTIST ROUGE lipsticks combine comfort and long wear without drying out the lips." Inspired by the metal palette of makeup artists, the new ARTIST ROUGE packaging reflects the brand’s professional signature look. The timelessly elegant satiny black cap is embossed with the iconic MAKE UP FOR EVER lip logo, while the brushed steel inside collar is engraved with brand letters. The high-precision bullet design of the ARTIST ROUGE lipstick is the innovation of Dany Sanz, Founder and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER. She sought to create a sharp, beveled drop that would ensure the most precise colour application for artists and for everyone. 

Price - At £17 each, these lipsticks are on the more premium end of the scale but the quality and work gone into creating such a great formula is worth the investment in my opinion. Once you find a colour you love, which of course there are plenty to choose from, it's well worth the investment into a great lipstick like these. I'll definitely be purchasing a couple of nudes/corals from the collection. 

Where to Buy - The range will be available to purchase exclusively at Debenhams from the 1st of September 2016

Rating - Overall I rate these lipsticks an 9/10 as I can't really fault them. The shades I was gifted are great, but I'd like to try more wearable day to day 

“Makeup is so important for us when we are on stage, to do something fun for people. You can become a superwoman with just some blush and a black lipstick. We express ourselves through music -- but also through how we dress and how we wear our makeup. MAKE UP FOR EVER is perfect for us because it’s edgy and cool -- plus there are so many different colors to play with!” - Icona Pop

Have you had the chance to try these lipsticks? Tag @makeupforeverofficial and use the hashtag #MyArtistRouge to join the conversation!

*The products listed in this post were kindly gifted to me by Wizard Publicity but as always, all opinions are of my own and true to how I feel.

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