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Sunday, 24 April 2016

April Favourites

I cannot believe we are in April, it still feels fairly wintery in the UK and seems like only yesterday I was opening Christmas presents and celebrating the New Year. I've always preferred winter to summer however this year, I feel winter is overdue now and I say, bring on the sun and warm weather! With a recent blog makeover (mentioned in last weeks post), I am super duper excited to kick off my new 'white feed' theme and 'flat lay' focus with a monthly favourites blogpost! I haven't done one of these in a while so felt it appropriate to kick Spring off with some spring themed favourites. 

1) ATOMiST Vapour Iron by Morphy Richards

In line with a huge clear out and spring clean that I have done to my bedroom, my first favourite, and somewhat surprisingly for a 'beauty blogger', is an iron! Whilst still being based in Manchester, I have recently moved to the outskirts of the city to move in with my boyfriend, so a big spring clean was in order and one of the many things on my list of old things to throw out and new replacements needed, was an iron. I was fortunate enough to be contacted by a company called Come Round who have recently teamed up with Morphy Richards to promote their ATOMiST iron, more of which you can learn about here and even watch this simple, instructional video on how to use the iron. This iron retails on Morphy Richards website for £249.99 so when I received this high-end, state of the art iron, I was over the moon and it was the perfect gift to receive to replace my old budget iron I had thrown out. The ATOMiST iron is by far the most efficient and easy to use iron I have owned. Its thermoglass, impact resistant ceramic plate heats up almost instantly, and what makes this iron different to others is that it saves 75% less energy by using a vapour mist as opposed to steam. It also uses 80% less water and gives up to 2 hours of continuous ironing time and if you're like me and tend to panic and worry, "shoot...have I left the iron on", after 10 minutes of unused time, the iron shuts itself off automatically. The reviews speak for itself with this product, I did a lot of research into this iron to see if it's worth the money and you can take it from me, having used it myself, it's definitely worth investing in a good iron like this to save you time and money in the long run.

2) Rude Health - The Ultimate Organic Granola

I picked this up when it was on offer and it's fast becoming part of my regular routine to have greek yoghurt with honey, berries and granola for my breakfast. I can't believe how good this granola is! It's so good that I honestly can't imagine going back to any other brands of granola. The only downside is that as far as granolas go, its definitely more on the pricier end of the scale, so now that it's no longer on offer, like it was when I first bought it, now priced at £4.99 a time, it is definitely one of the more pricier brands of granola, but it's definitely worth it!

3) MAC Prep + Prime Fix + Spray

This is more of a 're-discovery' than a favourite. I had this years ago and used it on a daily basis to prime my skin, finish off my makeup, and use it as an adhesive for eye shadows and glitter. When I ran out, for no other reason that forgetting to, I didn't re-purchase it until recently. Having started to use it again now, I have remembered how much I love it and I especially love the 'fresh' dewy appearance it gives to complete a Spring makeup look. Retailing at £17, I'd highly recommend this addition to anyones makeup collection!

4) Tirita Marble Phone Cases

I found this brand online when searching for 'marble phone cases' and was pleasantly surprised with the rest of the collection as well as the affordability of these phone cases. I'd definitely re-purchase from this brand again and the durability of the case has been great so far!

5) Revitalash Mascara and Lash Treatment

A few people have recently commented on my eyelashes looking fuller and longer and it's all down to the brand Revitalash. I had been wanted to buy the treatment for a while as I'd heard such great things but couldn't justify the price. Then after having had semi-permanent lash extensions I felt my eyelashes had never been more sparse than when all the false lashes had fallen off. So I decided to bite the bullet and buy a limited edition set that was on offer for £99 for both their volumizing mascara and lash treatment (NB which can be used on both the lashes and/or brows). I have been using the mascara on a daily basis and it's even overtaken Lancome's Hypnose mascara to become my new favourite! The lash treatment caused irritation to my eyes the first time I used it but ever since it has been a dream. I blame the initial irritation down to applying too much and it leaking slightly into my eyes but like I say, it has since done wonders to my lashes. As for the extensions, I've learnt my lesson and wouldn't try them again, I'll just have them tinted for special occasions and holidays.

6) MAC Eye Brow Pencil and Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade 

My last favourite for this month, is a new brow routine I have started doing by using my all time favourite, MAC brow pencil in 'Fling', as well as a new addition to my makeup collection, the Anastasia Beverley Hills dipbrow pomade in 'Taupe'. I use this MAC 266 small angle brush that I got in a limited edition christmas set and then finish off my brows with a clear brow gel from Kiko.

What have you discovered this month?

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

A Simple Cake Pop Recipe

As it was recently my boyfriends birthday, we took a break from the healthier path we are trying and instead, treated ourselves to some cake pops. We figured they would be easier shared with friends and family than a big cake, however we managed to guilt-fully work our way through most of them! Considering I don't bake very often, not out of choice, but more due to temptation of consuming way to much sugar, I was quite impressed with how they turned out. I photographed the process hoping that if they turned out half decent, I could share the recipe on my blog. So here is how I make my vanilla and chocolate cake pops, along with a few tips and pointers along the way!

You will need:
- Cake pop sticks and stand (most supermarkets will have these in the baking section)
- vanilla cake mix (or of course if you'd prefer to make your own cake, however I'd highly recommend speeding up the process by using a packet mix as the later stages of making cake pops will take a while)
- chocolate cake mix
- vanilla butter cream icing
- chocolate fudge icing
- eggs and milk (should your cake mix instructions require them)
- and of course, decorations of your choice! I chose chocolate balls and hundreds and thousands and even some birthday sparklers


Step 1: Mix the cake ingredients and bake as per the cake mix requirements

Step 2 - Once the cake is out the oven let it cool, cut of any outside hard edges and crumble in a bowl

Step 3 - Add the frosting and mix until it can be rolled into small balls, be 
careful not to put too much frosting in as it will then become too sticky

Step 4 - Line a baking try with greaseproof paper, line up the rolled out balls and set in the fridge for about 20 minutes to harden them up

Step 5 - Prepare your decorating station! Melt some chocolate, allow it to cool for about 5-10 minutes and then take a stick, dip it into the chocolate first before sticking it into the cake ball. That helps the ball to stay attached to the stick and then cover in chocolate and sprinkle of your choice!


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T K Maxx Sportswear Clothing Haul Spring 2016

So as a recent member of my local gym, I decided that for me, a great motivation to get me back in to the regular gym routine, was to have a trip to the shops to purchase some new sportswear. All the clothes you see have been bought from T K Maxx as I really rate their activewear range, however I also have a black hoodie from UNIQLO which is one of my new favourite brands. I have also traded in my oversized and old-fashion trainers for some new Nike Juvenate Trainers in Grey that I bought on ASOS. What a difference a good pair of trainers can make! They feel incredibly light and comfortable whatever kind of sport I am doing and I love that I can wear them casually in the day too! 

I have mostly bought neutral colours so I can mix and match all of the outfits and I have made sure to stock up on sports bras too. Although I'm not the kind of girl that needs the support, I find they look far better under a sports top than having bra straps on show or straps slipping down your arms from the movement. I currently work out between 3-5 times a week. I try to go every weekday morning and have the weekends off, much like Anna Saccone-Joly for those of you that like watching her vlogs on Youtube. However there are the odd times that I can't go for whatever reason so I always aim to do at least 3 workouts a week. I also go first thing in the morning at around 6:30-7am as I find it starts my day of in a production manner as well as the fact that after a long day, the last thing I feel like doing is going to the gym. 

My fitness journey so far has made me feel much more energetic and overall healthier. I recently posted about my favourite green juice recipes and details of the supplements I take from Holland & Barrett. In line with going to the gym several times a week, I have started eating healthier (although Easter didn't help!), primarily by eating smaller portions and eating more often therefore keeping myself full for longer. My overall fitness goal is exactly that, feel healthier, stronger and although I want to lose a few pounds, my main aim isn't necessarily to lose weight. So if you are struggling for motivation to get fit, a little retail therapy is definitely the best answer!

My Fitness Wardrobe consists of:

- 5 Sports Bras 
- Grey Yoga Pants (Full Length)
- Grey Stretch Tee
- Black Pink Yoga Pants (Cropped)
- Black/Grey Night Print Yoga Pants (Cropped)
- Leopard Print Racerback Vest
- Black Stretch Tee
- Pink and Blue Racerback Tops
- Black Running Pants (Full Length)
- Black Running Pants (Cropped)

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Sunday, 3 April 2016

The A/W 2015 Camel Trend - Top 3 Picks!

If you type 'Camel' in Pinterest, you don't see many pictures of the animal. The 'camel' colour trend is everywhere at the moment and whether its an all camel outfit as seen on the like of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West or if its just one camel item of clothing, I fully recommend embracing this recent trend that seems to have spread like wildfire!

I have picked out my favourite 3 camel coloured purchases to share with you and I doubt my 'camel' coloured purchases will be stopping anytime soon!

1) The Camel Coat - £54.99 New Look

2) The Camel Suede Over the Knee Boots - £28.99 eBay

3) The Camel Coloured Nail Polish - "Going My Way or Norway" by OPI 

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Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat Lipliner Review

My first ever Charlotte Tilbury makeup items, were a lipliner and eyeliner that I was kindly gifted. I was so impressed at the durability of the lipliner that I wanted to share how much I like it. The colour, "Pillow Talk", is a great day-to-day shade, perfect for lasting throughout a long working day. The formula is not as soft as I usually like however upon applying it for the first time, I can see why creamier isn't always better for durability. I know Charlotte Tilbury is a more pricier brand, however I always believe that a good lipliner is worth the investment. If I had to choose between a lipliner or a lipstick from an expensive brand, I'd always go for the better base; the lipliner. They retail for £16 but will last you forever! I have been using mine on an almost daily basis for about a month and have barely had to sharpen it down at all! 

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Saturday, 2 April 2016

Different Ways to Wear All-Black Outfits

This week I am teaming up with The Chic Blog to bring to you several ideas on ways to wear all-black outfits. Considering my wardrobe is about 90% monochrome; black, as well as white and grey, is one of my favourite colours to wear. It's versatile, timeless, can be dressed up or down and is by far the most slimming colour to opt for.

The darkest shade in the book can sometime be seen as un-experimental and boring however I find black outfits can be both interesting and classy. There’s nothing slimmer, more minimalist, and easier to pull off that an all-black outfit, and the shade allows you to take on various personalities, from feminine-chic with girly black skirts and silky blouses, to more casual black jeans and a comfy jumper.

So here are a few ways I wear all black outfits from leather to sportswear, and lace to the classic LBD...

I have kept my makeup fairly minimal with neutral tones to keep with the 'no colour' look. I have focused on a strong contour (Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit) and a nude-toned lip (Velvet Teddy by MAC).

See my previous beauty blogpost collaboration with The Chic Blog here...

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